Magic Johnson Denies LeBron James Ignores Luke Walton's Play Calls


Steve Deeks- USA today sports

When LeBron James was surprised by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Free Agency, some of the media anticipated drama in the 2018-19 NBA season. However, by 20 games at the time, there were no major issues so far.

At least nothing that directly involves James. As Placers from Basketball Operation Magic Johnson and Head Coach Luke Walton both downplayed their meeting after the 2-5th start, all of the NBAs attention was shifted to Greenland's Greenback with Kevin Durant.

While the progress made in a 11-9 beginning of the time for the Lakers was up for debate, it was a recent ESPN report about anonymous scouts notifying James' ignoring & # 39; Volton's calls when playing point guard.

However, on Siriusxm NBA Radio, Johnson has said emphatically as much:

"First, Brian [Windhorst] Got it wrong. It's all about sure they can say anything about ESPN and everyone can only talk. We have a system that the ball moves around, a lot of pick-and-roll plays. If you watch us play, the ball is not in Labret Jacob's hands all the time. It may not be because you want to drive it around, you get into your pic and roll playbacks. But hay, we are the lakers. People will be talking about us, but that's not how it's going right now.

When the best player plays today for one of the greatest sports franchises, there will be more than usual. In any sport, it is very common for players to call audiences depending on what they see.

Since Wilson has been head coach, he has emphasized players taking responsibility, so they feel empowered by the site. With the Young Heart Benefit of the Approach over the Last Three Seasons, there is no difference for James, Raagon Rondo, and the Veterans.

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