Luke Wulton Defends LeBron James's Experience to Critics of Kevin Durant

David Richard-USA today's sport

Years of frustration stemming from striking with top free agents was erased in some regard to the past summer when the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James. Not only did the pride franchise put the game's greatest player, so they did so on a long-term contract.

The signing of James coincides with the start of a two-year window in which Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson promised to deliver in the same fashion as his passes during the Showtime Era.

While Adobe James to a promising young heart that is developing would appear to make the Lakers a major destination, there have been conflicting reports on the willingness of other stars to play second in Los Angeles.

At that time, he sought a deal from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jimmy Butler did not include the Lakers in his list of preferred teams. Kawhy Leonard said he was afraid of the idea of ​​playing James together, and Paul George did not even allow the Lakers a meeting in free agency.

Kevi Durant, a Rumor Laker target comes 2019 free agency, explicitly asked what an elite player would want to play with James given as ball-dominant he can be. Durant also noted the Taxis & # 39; Environment that comes with the media attention of James Commands.

"What I've known about being around him the few months is, he's an incredible teammate, he is very upset, he has won multiple championships with other superstars," Lakers head coach Luke Vaulton said when Durant's comments were relegated to him .

"Again, I have not read this article, so I can not comment on that, but to me the question is what you do not want to play with LeBron? He's a winner, he's a credible player, and he's an independent one. "

The issues Durant raised are common reefs that have followed James since joining forces with Chris Bosch and Dwiane Wade on the Miami Heat. BoH was largely marginalized and often made the skypegoat to the manufacturers, much like Kevin Love while he and James were timemates on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Of course, it was also Kyrie Irving requiring to be traded because of his desire to escape James' shadow.

Nevertheless, Lakers front office personnel, coaches and players have all rave about the three-time champion. Similarly, James expressed his joy with the current state and trajectory of the team.

"I love everything that's going on with our Ball Club and franchise since I got here," he said in practice.

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