Legacies Recover: Season 1 Episode 5 – [Spoiler] Return of the dead


Even in a magical world, elections do not always affect the way they should. Some of them LegaciesFinest learned the hard way on Thursday when Alaric decision to form a student honorary council – made by one representative of each supernatural faction – turned the campus into a political war zone.

A well-dressed Lizzie and a Very Well-dressed mg (Just like Quincey Foouse foretold!) Are the undisputed leader for their respective species, but sales on a leader proved a bit more challenging for the werewolves – not that anyone should be surprised by that. When Raffaul Alpha did it clear that he would use his position to Landon removed from school, a battle for dominance ensued. The challenge paid off for Rafael, earning him a seat on the board, but the other two empty spots went to Kaleb (!) And Josef (?!), Eliciting a chorus of gasses from the other students. And from me, to be honest.

Hope too strong-armed her way into the board – to be beautiful, she Is The only one of her kind – presumably to ensure that Landon is well taken care of, but she surprised everyone at the meeting with her first move: "Landon has to go." Caleb agreed (thou) and Raphael against (Dwuh), leaving the decision in Jose's hands. She finally decided that it was in everyone's best interest for Landon to keep his distance, sending Raphael into a blind storm … and in Liza's straight-indignant arms. (Say, did not Raffa Cost Josie last week? I do not complain That May cause any tension between the sisters.)

Otherwise, Alaric and Dorian were busy dealing with this week's mystery monster: a living spirit of a tree, known as a dryad. (No big.) This particular Dread – the first show Speaking Monster – was desperate to be reunited with her lover, a vampire named Oliver. (Confession: Before I heard "Vampire," I thought she might have been talking about Jackson's werewolf Buddy Oliver The originals.) While finding the guy proving simple enough, the plan hit a new rag when Oliver climbed to have no memory of his leafy lady. Hell, the guy is married.

As if you were heartbreaking, the poor Driad – under the influence of an unknown entity – against Alaric and Dorian, forcing them to take you. Fortunately, she was able to reveal a key piece of the puzzle before going to the plant sky: a voice in her head is committing her to take the knife to a "dark pit below the ground" known as malveyor. In doing so, she would know "peace and finally be free." (This dread did not watch any of the other points in this franchise, or she would know what "peace" really means.)

The delayed coupon also neglected some light on the show ' Oning Landon Mystery. After giving him a long-awaited goodbye kiss, Hope put Landon on a bus to New Orleans, where a "family friend" was waiting to help him find his birth mother. (Mine? Declan? I must know!) Even more intriguing: In the single photo Landon gave her mother, she wearing the Malawire symbol around her neck.

Also worth discussing …

* I need to know who performs the cover of Linkin Park's "in the end" that played at the beginning of the episode. Right now.

* Did you get that Bonnynet Bennett lookout? When Dorian brought to the Driad, he said, "Our bunny Bunny has a witch thing on the rings, some sort of combo summoning instant and astral projection." Surely, I love to see Cat Graham back in mystic Falls, however, I'll explain for a casual reference for now.

* I did not think that something could be sad as Josie tapping Haley that Hailey was beautiful … until Alaric poured his heart out to the Dread. So you can imagine my pleasure on seeing Jodi Lynn okay pop up in the promo for next week's episode as a joke Zombie. This show is also good for us.

* Talking about familiar faces, who is the "family friend" in New Orleans?

Did you dig this week's information-hard episode of Legacies? No New Theories About Landon? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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