Kilbide people find ice wall in driveway


Imagine shoveling for more than two hours, just having a snowball dump the giant boulders in your driveway.

That's what Todd Sharp woke up to Wednesday morning, a few hours after he finished shoveling the mess of snow and raining the night before.

"I looked and couldn't believe there were four-foot ice chunks – and when I say ice chunks, I don't know how to describe it," he said. "It is quite imperative to say the least."

Sharp lives in a cool-de-se in Biscay Place in Kilbride. Photos show the houses across the street with snow and snow, ending with everything in his driveway.

As snow fled in your driveway, it's not uncommon on the right side of a cool de sac, Sharp said, but it wasn't an easy way to clean it up.

Sharp "Chiselled" enough of the ice to get his vehicle out around him. He then filed a request with the city's 311 website to be his driveway cleared. At the end of the day, he said no one showed up.

With the help of its neighbors, they chipped off at the ice wall on Wednesday night.

"We have some really great neighbors," Sharp said. "We've done it about three hours and we started on other driveways."

Sharp said he was disappointed with the whole arrangement and hoped it would not be possible.

"I don't regret anyone on this plow, but I just feel that maybe they have a little better of a job," he said.

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