Kewi Durant says NBA stars do not want to play with LeBron James because of media attention, style

When LeBron James signed up with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, it was like a surprise that no other stars joined him.

The options are limited, but Paul George re-signed in Oklahoma City, Cavi Leonard was traded to the Toronto raptors, and Jimmy Butler is dedicated to the Philadelphia 76ers. George and Leonard are both linked to the Lakers early on but finally are different, and Butler does not name the Lakers as one of his preferred destinations.

Including Kyrie Irving's trade demand from Cleveland in 2017, a question started popping up the NBA: Do superstars no longer want to play with James? Even Leonard, a free agent this summer, is said to prefer the Los Angeles clippers, where he is the top star over the Lakers.

Blocker Report's Ric Bucher Dove in this prompt subject And the consensus seemed to be less appealing to play with James than before.

Kevi Durant gave some of the most up-to-date answers, most notably saying that the media attention that James Commands can make a "toxic" environment.

"So much hype comes from being around Lebanon from other people," Durant said. "He has so many fancies in the media, even though the hit writers just fond of it. As we play in basketball, it's not even about basketball at some points in the environment because it is toxic, especially When the attention is bullying, plslet.It is not LeBron's fault at all, it's just the fact that you have so many groups in the media that love to hang on every word and get out of the way and let us Play basketball. "

Kewi Durant can become a free agent this summer, and he does not ring to sign up with the Lakers.
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Some reports indicated that Irving felt by the media attention given by James was belittled. Whether James was asked to comment on politics, or Irving was asked about improvements James made in his game, the focus was on LeBron.

Durant also said that fellow superstars do not want to sacrifice their style in James.

There is a long history of this. When Jacob joined the Miami Heath with Dwyana Vade and Chris Bos, both Wade and Bosch both sidestepped shot attempts to James, with the most notoriously Bosch, increased the third option and acting as more of a space-up shooter.

When Jacob returned to the Cavaliers, Kevin Love had to make the biggest sacrifice, getting more of a space-shooter who was reliant on James to get him the ball.

"Kevin love, he has to totally change his game, to be a shooter," said Durant. "What I think, he deserves more credit for switching his game while the same way LeBron is a player that needs to play with guys who already know how to play this game – and shooters. Because he demanded the ball so much, he demanded control of the offense and he creates for each one. "

Durant gave James to make players play better by getting the most attention from the defense and getting them easier to shine. But for stars that are capable of dominating a game itself, taking a lesser role is less appealing.

"If you're cool, then it makes sense [to play with James], Durant said. " Because Calle Corvette in Atlanta was the scope of the offense, and he was not the first option at all, not even close. So his talent is more of a guy who can pass and penetrate and get him open.

"If you're a younger player like a Cavi, trying to take him with LeBron James does not really make sense." Kawhi enjoys the ball in his hands, controlling the offense, dictating the rate with his post-ups, it's how he feels The game, a lot of young players develop this skill, they do not need a different guy. "

Kevin Love had to make sacrifices to play with LeBron James.
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The problem is that it is difficult to fight with James' success. He won three championships and made eight straight finals. Few schemes in the NBA are more successful than giving James the ball and spreading the floor. He can then attack by either scoring for himself or commanding enough attention to get open shots for his timers.

A league source once said that James' methods are so effective that most coaches just let him go because it is difficult to persuade him otherwise.

"LeBron will break the system all the time to do what he does," said the League Source. "And he does so well that the coaches do not have the intestinal strength to say, 'No, my [system] Is better. Because he's, how, really? It is better than that? & # 39; "

Love said he kept his sacrifices with James and the cows worthwhile because he was competing for a championship each year. But those sacrifices came with a charge for love, as Brian Windhorst once showed up.

"Love deals with the persistence of being a LeBran team, being blamed, from dealing with his social-media undercutting, of being the case guy, as he's called himself … There were so many days and nights where Kevin Love Has gone out of a building feeling belaggered or beaten down … because of LeBron. "

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Often, with James-led teams, the narrative goes: if they win, it's because of LeBron. If they lose, it is because their timms do not wear up. Phoenix Sins Pass Treasure Ariza tells Butcher that media should focus on changing that story and holding James more accountable when his teams lose.

Of course, it's worth noting that many other players have high praise for James.

Early Kaws Forward Richard Jeferson railed about James, saying he was an excellent off-the-board gay and leader on the floor. Even Irving praised James after the 2017 finals, saying James is the type of player you could only dream of getting to play in a great game with.

This summer will be a major one for James and the Lakers, as they will have the chance to put a second star to play with James. Perhaps more Chikavelli, it may reveal how other elite players view playing James.

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