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Kelowna's Mission Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park does not tear – it's just to rebuild.

Holmwood's ramps and wooden structures are removed when the park accepts the face.

The pump and the six dirt belts will remain in place. However, the bermet platform, jumps and knowledge will also be improved.

Work is taking place in the winter and spring time so that the users park in a shorter time.

Construction will be completed next summer. While the park remains open during work, temporary closures may occur, while heavy equipment is in place.


Kelowna entrepreneur JB Owen will be on a tour of the episodes of Dragons' Den.

Owen has set up its eco-friendly female hygiene product, the Lotus Liner.

"The disposable products did not feel good to me … so I started looking for a solution for myself," said Owen.

In 2014, she began to form the first Canadian first hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, odorless, an alternative to female hygiene, resistant to stains.

Owen says she stepped into the dragon stage in May.

"It was really lively. He took you to the top of the stairs and pushed you through the door. The next thing you know is walking down the stairs and in the light and the camera."

"They were not tough for me. I'm talking about menstruation not their most exciting topic, I really want you to know your company and expect you to know your numbers."

Lotus Liner is available at the Kelowna City Fair and Pharmaceutical Department.

Owen says, "1.7 billion packs go to landfill every year, and governments and agencies do not talk about the environmental impact they have."

Friends will join Owen at a Moxie party at Cooper Road.

For more information about Lotus Liner click here.

Local organizers and founding members of the People's Party of Canada in the state of Kelowna-Lake will be on Tuesday in Kelowna, Paris

They will meet at the Okanagan Regional Library at the Kelowna Center at 2 o'clock.

The meeting will include the election of officials and directors.

Anyone who wants to become a member is encouraged to attend.

The party, set up by Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, has exceeded 30,000 members throughout Canada, while constituency associations are created in all rides.

"The People's Party of Canada is a responsible, responsible and committed alternative to Canadian voters in Canada before, during and after the 2019 coming federal election," said founding member Glen Walushka.


Researchers at UBC Okanagan have developed a low-cost portable diagnostic device for water quality testing.

The device manufactured with a 3D printer can check the water concentration, acidity and concentration of nitrite for field diagnostics.

"Nitrite is often used as a preservative and additive in the production of food, protein and colorants in industry and fertilizers in agriculture, but it is classified as a health hazard because high levels of nitrites in the water can cause many diseases such as methaemoglobinaemia, abortions and central the nervous system at birth, "says research engineer George Luka.

A low-cost battery-operated device can be wirelessly connected and equipped with a single-computer (Raspberry Pi) for processing, storing and exchanging data.

A 8 megapixel digital camera is used to record and record changes in the so-called colorimetric test.

& # 39; & # 39; Using a stand-alone device, not a smartphone, also reduces potential errors caused by new models of phones in the future, and potential incompatibilities that may occur. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; says Luke.

It also improves repeatability, sensitivity and reliability of tests.

The device and algorithm developed in Luko's work are not limited to water analysis and can be used for the analysis of urine and other colorimetric tests for environmental and medical purposes.

Castanet's evening update for Tuesday, November 7, with journalist Wayne Moore.

Madison Erhardt

Turn around, snow is on the way!

Canada's environment predicts white-blown stuff could fall on Thursday evening and Friday.

"At the first disaster in the valley to the bottom, the first probability of snowfall and Friday, we saw about two to four centimeters," said Matt Meteorologist.

By Friday afternoon snow must be mixed with rain.

Castanet stepped into the streets and found out if you were ready for winter?

If you have an opinion on this topic, drop us to the line [email protected].

One of the three men accused of murdering a 20-year-old man from the Coquihalla motorway in April 2017 is now facing a second stage to take away the sailor, despite being first billed in the first instance.

Michael Bonin's body was found on Peers Creek Road to the east of Hope.

Almost nine months later, the police announced that 26-year-old Ryan Watt, 20-year-old Joshua Fleurant and 27-year-old Jared Jorgenson died on the police.

On Monday, Jorgenson was murdered with a second degree of murder. A second-degree murder is one that is not planned in advance. Both defendants have a life sentence, and the conviction of the first instance degree does not allow the right to a conditional release for 25 years, while a person convicted of second-degree murder is entitled to a conditional release within 10 years.

In June, Jorgenson was released to 35,000 US dollars, but Fleurant and Watt are still in custody.

The victim's mother, Annette Bonin, re-started her 12-hour drive from home in Rycroft, Alta. to attend a court day on Monday for men accused of killing her son.

She said she was disappointed when she learned of a change in Jorgenson's accusation, but she did not know the role she supposedly played in the death of her son.

"I think it seems like it's still a long time," said Annette. "I just want to know why, what happened, could it be prevented? I just need a closure … I need to know what happened to my son."

She is happy to finally hear details of the case when the trial is due. This could have happened a little earlier than was originally expected after the crown was recently approved for the continuation of a direct indictment, a rare move to deal directly with the Supreme Court without the need for a preliminary investigation.

In her conversation with Crown, Annette says she expects the case to come to trial sometime next autumn.

"It's becoming increasingly difficult," she said. "They say that time is being healed, but this makes it difficult. I did not get anything, I do not have autopsy, no personal effects. If I have them, I do not know. I have so many questions that I have."

The case will be returned to the Kelowna Court on November 26, but it is not clear when a test date will be fixed.

It will be a bookbearing pleasure at the annual Kelowna Friends of the Library.

The third annual Great Okanagan Book will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the parish hall of the Immaculate Conception, 839 Sutherland Ave.

Volunteers classified over 1,000 boxes of good quality, with adult books only 2 $ and children's books only $ 1.

On the last day you get two books for money.

Book sales help support the programming of the Okanagan Regional Library for Children.

From secret to romance, nefication and more, it is certainly a book for every reader.

Last year, he made more than $ 26,000.

The FOL's biggest commitment is to support children's literacy through the Summer Reading Club, with funding ($ 5,945 in 2018) for competitions, awards, crafts, workshops and visiting representatives.

The city of Kelowna is in the middle of the completion of the Downtown Parking Plan and wants your feedback.

The plan will address issues such as supply, demand and the impact of developments in residential areas.

Feedback can be added to the current draft plan before the final plan is submitted to the world.

"Last autumn, residents and businesses shared their parking experiences and opinions with us," said parking manager Dave Duncan.

"Based on what we heard, we collected more data and made recommendations for improving parking, as we offered more payment options and found creative, cost-effective ways to increase parking capacity, especially in areas with high demand."

Duncan puts one topic on which he wants a place of feedback, whether residents should be allowed to rent unused residential parking spaces.

"This parking program could increase the availability of parking spaces, while also reducing the city's investment in parking infrastructure."

Click here to find out more about the proposed changes in the parking lot and share your feedback.

An online survey is available by November 28th.

Alanna Kelly

Dogs and cats received a full pampering on Sunday in Kelowna, Cornerstone Shelter.

Local veterinarians fed and took care of pets at peach's events.

Lauren Larson, a community veterinary coordinator, says there is nothing like a relationship between people and their pets, regardless of their financial situation.

She said that the pets they saw on Sunday were very well socialized.

"For a long time they meet with other people, even cats are trying to play with dogs and people, in contrast to cats who might live in a home or apartment," she said.

Head of Cornerstone Andrea Sage said that the event is an opportunity for people living on the streets to take care of their pets.

"We care … we take care of you and take care of your pets," Sage said. "This community cares for everyone."

Farfield Animal Hospital, Internal Health and Customers March Day enabled.

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