Hypertensive & # 39; Comet to make one of the closest approaches ever


CTVNews.ca Staff

Published Sunday, December 9, 2018 1:20 PM EST

Last Updated Sunday, December 9, 2018 1:31 PM EST

A comet that is getting nearer and nearer to the ground in recent months will soon make its closest approach.

Comet 46p / virtuals will transcend around 11,600,000 km from the planet on December. 16. To mention, the distance between the earth and the Moon is 384,400 kilometers.

The proximity alone is rare – it will be the 10 closest comet to the ground on record – but what really has sky-gasers excited is the comet's brightness. Many closer comets are barely visible to the naked eye, but comet 46 p / svartan is waiting for its brightest when it goes by.

The result is that the comat is expected to be visible from most areas of the earth if the conditions are clear. People watching the skies in most Canadian churches will be able to see it starting at 5:30 pm. And 6 p.m. On December 16, it reached its highest point in the sky between 10pm. And 10:30 pm, and then wading off by 4am on December 17, according to In-The-Sky.org.

It is a zero per cent chance of comet hitting the earth, according to the astronomers at the University of Maryland, though it may remain visible in the night sky for weeks after its 16 th of December.

The Maryland Astronomers describe comet 46P / Virtand as a "hyperactive" comet, emitting more water, as it should be expected to be based on the size of its grain.

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