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January 18, 2019 / 1:13 PM | History:

Tesla will cut seven per cent of its workforce as it tries to lower prices and break out of the niche machine market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford.

Cheap model TESA now is the $ 44,000 model 3, and it needs to improve its customer base to survive.

"Looking forward to our mission of accelerating the advent of sustainable transport and energy, which is important for all life on earth, we have a very difficult challenge: making our cars, batteries and solar products cost-competitive with fossil fuels "CEO Elon Musk said in a letter to the staff. "While we have made great progress, our products are still too expensive for most people."

Tesla has boasted its payroll significantly to meet production goals, but then cut its staff by nine per cent in June. The company delivered more than 245,000 electric cars and SUVs last year, nearly as many as in previous years combined. But it still fell short of a target set nearly three years ago by manufacturing 500,000 vehicles for the year.

Musk said in October that Tesla Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, has 45,000 employees. Seven per cent cut would mean about 3,150 people would lose their jobs.

Tesla posted a $ 311 million quarterly profit in October, only its third-quarter profit in eight years as a public company.

Musk noted that the benefit was driven by his ability to sell higher priced vehicles in North America. Tesla dominates the market, but it wants to make electric vehicles for the masses.

And while preliminary numbers indicate another profitable quarter ahead, Musk said it was a smaller one.

Shares tumbled 11 per cent Friday.

It is Tesla's long-held goal of getting a less-expensive, mid-range Tesla model 3 on the road.

"Making in May, we need to provide at least the 3 model mid-range model in all markets, as we need to reach more customers who can afford our vehicles," Musk said in the letter.

The key for TESLA is to create an entry-level car in the mid-$ 30,000 range that would put it in direct competition with major automakers.


January 18, 2019 / 1:10 PM | History:

Canada is expecting nearly 200 percent of exports to China from January to November 2018, as the Asian country stopped buying from American farmers among a number of disputes.

Statistics Canada data released Thursday shows Total Canadian wheat exports grew nearly 13 per cent during this time of about 15 million tonnes to approximately 17 million tonnes.

Wheat exports to China grew from about 436,000 tons between January and November 2017 to nearly 1,300,000 tons in the same months of 2018.

Date for December is not yet available.

The US There. Wheat Associates say its farmers are closing out of the Chinese market since March 2018, after China announced it would impose a retaliatory 25 per cent import tariff on US wheat.

The group released a statement in July, saying the ongoing trade conflict is already painful farmers, adding that over the past three years, Chinese customers bought an average of 20 million wheat buckets from March to June, compared to no new purchases since March 2018.

Jan 18, 2019 / 1:07 | History:

The Transportation Safety Board says an uninvited fire forced a WestJet plane to return to Calgary International Airport soon after, at the end of June, caused E-cigarette lithium-ion batteries to fail, a passenger failed to declare in his luggage.

The agency said in a report that a backpack caught fire and caused minor thermal damage to the fire-resistant cargo compartment liner.

An investigation could not determine if the damage occurred before the batteries arrived at the airport or during baggage handling.

The over-frequented frequent flyer was aware of airline policies that E-cigarettes and lithium-ion batteries could be carried in the cabinet and removed from the device, but two spare batteries were left in its shipping bag.

The proliferation of personal electronic devices using batteries has increased events including smoke, fire or explosion because of the high temperatures they generate. The US There. Federal Aviation Administration has recorded 206 incidents including lithium-ion batteries between 1991 and May 2018.

The TSB report states that there is a shared responsibility between passengers, air carriers and security screeners to ensure the contents of the luggage comply with the rules on restricted items.


| History:

The federal government is demanding Canadians like their Vodka.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has opened consultations on whether to redefine the clear, neutral spirit and open Interprovincial trade for innovative power distillers who want to try something new.

Under the regular rules that have not changed in the decade, Vadka must be made of each grain or potato and filtered through charcoal.

A new generation of small-package distilleries are challenging the norms.

Some use everything from milk to grapes, while others minimize filtration, which removes subtle flavors.

Floating the legal definition makes it tough for them to sell their liquor across provincial boundaries, although they can export internationally.

They say that, historically, liquor was made from which a local community is left over.

The United States and Europe changed their definition of liquor long ago.

January 18, 2019 / 8:26 | History:

The financial, industrial and energy sectors helped Canada's major stock index push higher in the late morning trading, while the US stock market index has increased. There. Markets were also higher.

The S&P / TSX composite index is up to 68.41 points at 15,279.63.

In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average is up to 232.91 points at 24,603.01. The S & P 500 index was 28.86 points at 2,664.82, while the Nasdaq composite was up 79.79 points at 7,164.25.

The Canadian dollars traded at 75.51 cents US. There. Compared to an average of 75.22 US dollars. There. On Thursday following a pick-up in the annual inflation rate in December to two per cent, tapping expectations for a reading of 1.7 per cent.

The March Gross Contract US There. $ 1.69 at US There. $ 54.05 per barrel and the February natural gas contract is down 12.6 cents at US dollars. There. $ 3.29 per MMTA.

The February gold contract is down US. There. $ 9.60 at US There. $ 1,282.70 an ounce and the March copper contract was up to 3.15 cents at US dollars. There. $ 2.71 a point.

January 18, 2019 / 7:53 | History:

Canada's national annual inflation rate was 2.0 per cent in December, Statistics Canada says. Here's what happened in the provinces (previous month in brackets):

– Newfoundland and Labrador: 0.5 per cent (0.8)

– Prince Edward Island: 1.3 (1.0)

– Nova Scotia: 1.6 (1.8)

– New Brunswick: 0.9 (1.3)

– Quebec: 1.1 (0.9)

– Ontario: 2.3 (1.8)

– manitoba: 2.1 (1.7)

– Satchatchewan: 1.1 (1.0)

– Alberta: 2.1 (1.7)

– British Columbia: 3.0 (2.4)

Here is a breakdown of the annual inflation rate by city, statistics Canada says. The agency also released rates for major cities, but warned that figures could have fluctuated widely because they were based on small statistical samples (previous month in brackets):

– St. John's, L.: 0.5 per cent (0.7)

– Charlottetown-Summerside: 1.4 (1.0)

– Halifax: 1.5 (1.7)

– Saint John, NIV: 0.9 (1.3)

– Quebec: 0.9 (0.7)

– Montreal: 1.4 (1.1)

– Ottawa: 2.5 (2.1)

– Toronto: 2.6 (2.1)

– Thunder Bay, dress: 2.1 (1.7)

– Winnipeg: 2.0 (1.6)

– Regina: 0.9 (0.8)

– Saskatoon: 1.1 (0.9)

– Edmonton: 2.1 (1.6)

– Calgary: 2.0 (1.4)

– Vancouver: 3.1 (2.3)

– Victoria: 3.2 (2.5)

– Whitehorse, Yukon: 2.0 (1.5)

– Yellowknife, NWT: 2.0 (2.5)

– Yakalut, Nunavut: 3.5 (2.4)

January 18, 2019 / 7:07 | History:

Investment planning can often be seen as a luxury for the financially stable, but advisers say it is especially important for those who are starting out in their careers or who are challenging with debt.

"Sometimes people think they are not earning enough money to go and sit down with a financial advisor or talk to a professional," said Sara Zollo, an advisor and financial planner with Sun Life Financial.

"I think it's a mistake, I think the sooner you do … the sooner your situation will reverse and the blackheads head on. When a plan is valuable."

Zollo says its clients range from rich people with $ 1,000,000 or more into liquid assets to recent college graduates embarking on their first job to those who are dealing with spending more than they deserve.

The first advice she gives all clients is to work out a budget first and do a cash flow analysis that will show that the client is running a surplus or a deficit every month.

While it is vital to reduce debt, Zollo suggests the allocation should be 80 per cent of available funds being put to debt, with 20 per cent set aside in a temporary savings account.

"Let's say it's a different expense than your car breaks down, and people are going to use their credit card and add to their debt because they don't have an emergency fund," she said. "They end up being like a hamster on a hamster."

It can take four or five years to pay debt, and going that long without any savings or financial plan would be a critical mistake, Zollo said.

A generalized thumb struggle is to turn three to six months from the household in the event of an emergency.

Jason Heath, a financial planner payment, noted that the low to moderate incomes could not benefit, in some cases even penalized if they invest in a registered retirement savings plan.

"The real benefit of an RRSP is getting a tax deduction when you're in a high tax cloud and pulling the money out when you're at a low tax bracket," he said.

"When your income starts low, it is not inconceivable that you pay the money in a low tax clock and pull the money out at a high tax clock. Sometimes the higher tax retirement is not even necessarily the income tax, It may be from government tax benefits. "

In this case, Heat said that a tax-free savings account could be a better option, but only if the debt has already been paid off.

"For someone in a low tax cluster or low income who may have debt, save money in a TFA at one per cent (interest) when they have mortgage debt in four per cent, a line of credit at eight per cent or credit card debt. At 18% or more, it doesn't really make any sense, "he said.

"If you pay off the debt or save, the ultimate goal is to increase your net worth. The debt repayment can be the best investment they can make the less debt you have, the more you can save for the future."

Laurie Campbell with Credit Canada says the best financial advice for someone with a low income is to ask for help if you need it.

January 18, 2019 / 5:36 | History:

Statistics Canada says the consumer price index in December was up to 2.0 per cent compared with year ago.

The move compared with a year-over-year increase of 1.7 per cent for November.

Economists were aware of a year-over-year increase of 1.7 per cent for December, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

More coming.

January 17, 2019 / 5:33 | History:

The number of unemployed federal employees seeking unemployment benefits jumped into the first two weeks of the shutdown, tapping 10,000 during the week of January 5.

The Labor Department says it's double the number of federal workers seeking help in the previous week. Typically, less than a thousand former federal employees apply for joking benefits each week.

Unemployed federal employees while shutdowns are eligible to claim unemployment benefits, while non-pay work is not the job, Labor Department said. But even if the home sent, they will have to pay the unemployment benefit if they get paid back at the end of the day.

The number of United States who sought unemployment benefits last week declined by 3,000 to 213,000, the government said. That figure does not include federal beneficiaries.

January 17, 2019 / 5:10 | History:

Husky Energy Inc. Is away from its hostile types of proposal for Mega Energy Corp. Still failing to win enough tenacity.

Husky says there have been some negative surprises in the market since it first announced its proposal at the end of September last year.

The company cited oil industry production cats mandated by the Alberta Government and a lack of progress on Canadian oil export pipeline developments.

Migration proposal may be selected on Wednesday.

All of the possible shares tendered to the proposal will be returned to shareholders.

Husky launched his stock-and-cash offer in September but rejected this offer too low.

Companies in this story: (TSX: HSE, TSX: Meg)

January 17, 2019 / 5:07 | History:

British Prime Minister Theresa May is consulting opposition parties and other lawmakers on Thursday in a battle to set up a backbone of BREAKIT after surviving a non-confidence vote, although there was little immediate sign of a breakthrough from the branded "a trick" by the chief. Opposition leader.

European Union countries are stepping up preparations for a disorderly British exit on March 29 after the US. There. Parliament denied the suggestion that Boksit rebates with this block.

Lawmakers carried out the deal on Tuesday, in a crushing defeat for May, which suffered the worst parliamentary defeat in modern British history.

The dribbling was followed by a non-confidence vote in the government, but May of the minority of the Conservative Government civilized it on Wednesday night with the baking of its Northern Irish ally, the Democratic Union Party.

He said she spoke "in a constructive spirit" with leaders of opposition parties and other tenants in a proposal to find a way forward for Britain's EU forces. Exit.

The government confirmed that May will meet a Monday deadline to issue a plan, and that the Legislatives will have a full day to debate it – and, hardly, amend it – on January 29.

There was little sign of a breakthrough in uniting parliament's fueled factions, whose confrontation demands a range of postponement from Britain's departure dates to a new referendum on whether to leave the EU. Or stay.

Jeremy Korbin, leader of the Labor Party opposition, said he would not meet May until a non-trade brosit "off the table".

"To get a deal that can deliver a majority in parliament, theresa red lines and get serious about proposals for the future," said Corbin in a speech to supporters in the English Seaside town of Hastings.

"The last night's offer of party-party talks turned out to be simply a trick, not a serious attempt to participate with the new reality that is needed," he said.

גרינדער פארטיי לאגערער קעראלין לוקאס, וואס איז באגעגנט מיט מיי אויף דאנערשטאג מארגן, האט געזאגט אז דער פרעמיער מיניסטער איז געווען "אין א פאנאטישער וועלט" אויב זי געדויערט די מעגליכקייט צו פארמיידן דורך מאנטאג.

"פּאַרליאַמענט איז גרידלאַקד," זי געזאגט.

קען אַזוי ווייַט האָבן געוויזן ביסל ינקלינז צו מאַכן גרויס ענדערונגען צו איר האַנדלען אָדער הייבן איר ינסיסטאַנס אַז ברעקסיט מיטל ליידן די אי.יו. 'ס איין מאַרק און מינהגים פאַרבאַנד. פילע לאָמייקערז טראַכטן אַ סאָפטער אָפּפאָר וואָס ריטיין איין מאַרק אָדער מינהגים פאַרבאַנד מיטגלידערשאַפֿט איז דער בלויז פּלאַן וואָס קענען צו געווינען אַ מערהייַט אין פּאַרליאַמענט. זיי מורא דער אַלטערנאַטיוו איז אַ פּלוצעמדיק "ניט-געשעפט" וויטדראָאַל פון דעם בלאָק, וואָס געשעפטן און יקאַנאַמיס מורא וואָלט פאַרשאַפן בעהאָלע.

ערשטע פּריים מיניסטער טאני בלער, אַ לאָנגטימע לייבער פארטיי פירער, דערציילט די ביביסי אויף דאנערשטאג אַז עס וואָלט זיין "פיליק" פֿאַר קאָרבין צו טרעפן מיט מאי צו בעסער דעפינירן דעם טיפּ פון ברעקסיט אַז בריטאַן וויל. ער געווארנט אַז אַ "ניט-אָפּמאַך" ברעקסיט וואָלט טאָן היפּש שעדיקן צו בריטאַן ס עקאנאמיע.

ווי בריטאַן פלאַנדערז, די 27 אנדערע אי.יו. לענדער זענען געשטארקט פעסט, זיי זאָגן אַז זיי וועלן נישט ריניגאָושיייטיד די וויטדראָאַל העסקעם און ינסיסטינג די בריטיש רעגירונג און זייַן לאַוומאַקערס צו באַשליסן וואָס זיי ווילן צו טאָן.

עטלעכע בריטיש לאָמייקערז ווילן מייַ צו רופן פֿאַר אַ פאַרלענגערונג פון נאַגאָושייישאַנז מיט די אי.יו. און אָפּלייגן דעם מערץ 29 טערמין צו לאָזן דעם בלאָק, בשעת אנדערע זענען לאָבעסינג פֿאַר אַ רגע ברעקסיט רעפערענדום.

פראנצויזיש פּריים מיניסטער עדואַרד פיליפּפּע געהאלטן אַ ספּעציעל רעגירונג באַגעגעניש דאנערשטאג אויף פּלאַנירונג צו קאָפּע מיט אַ "ניט-געשעפט" ברעקסיט.

די פראנצויזיש פּאַרליאַמענט אנגענומען אַ געזעץ מיטוואך אַלאַוינג נויטפאַל מיטלען נאָך 30 מער אין דער געשעעניש בריטאַן בלעטער אָן אַ געשעפט.

יאַנואַר 16, 2019 / 4:06 PM | געשיכטע:

אַירבוס סיי צעבראכן ערד מיטוואך אויף די A220 ערקראַפט פֿאַרזאַמלונג ליניע אין זייַן מעכירעס אין מאָביל, Ala., דער ערשטער שריט אין אַ $ 300-מיליאָן קאַנסטראַקשאַן פּרויעקט באַצאָלט דורך Bombardier Inc.

אַז סומע מאכט אַ שטיק פון די יו. There. $ 925 מיליאָן די קוועבעק פלאַך-און-באַן פאַבריקאַנט קען ויסשיידן דורך דעם סוף פון 2021 אונטער אַ שוטפעס אַז געזען אַירבוס נעמען קאָנטראָל פון די C סעריעס – איצט באקאנט ווי די אַ 220 – לעצט יולי אָן פּייינג אַ פּעני.

די געשעעניש איז געווען בייַ די אַערבוס פאַבריק אין Alabama, ווו פֿאַרזאַמלונג פון די פאָלקס אַ 320 פּאַסאַזשיר דזשעט איז שוין אַנדערוויי. דער פראנצויזיש אַעראָפּלאַן גיגאַנט האט געזאגט אַז די נייע פּרויעקט וועט שאַפֿן 400 פֿאַבריק דזשאָבס.

פּראָדוקציע פון ​​די שמאָל-גוף אַ 220 איז געריכט צו אָנהייבן אין די דריט פערטל, צי אָדער ניט פאַבריק קאַנסטראַקשאַן איז גאַנץ, אין סדר צו מאַכן די ערשטער דילז אין 2020.

אַירבוס האט געזאגט אַז די פּרויעקט וועט פּראָדוצירן עקאָנאָמיש ספּינאָפפס פֿאַר קוועבעק, פאָרויסזאָגן אַז די צאָפנדיק סאַפּלייערז פון די A220 וועלן רייכערן אין וועגן 400,000,000 $ פּער חודש אַמאָל די מיסבעל, קיו, און מאָביל פאַסילאַטיז זענען אַרויף און פליסנדיק אין פול קאַפּאַציטעט.

די צוויי געוויקסן וועט אָפּשטויסן 10 ערקראַפט און פיר ערקראַפט אַ חודש, ריספּעקטיוולי, די פירמע האט געזאגט.

"די פּרייַז פון טיילן געשאפן דורך אַלע סאַפּלייערז אין קוועבעק, אַרייַנגערעכנט באָמבאַרדיער, איז מער ווי $ 2,600,000 פֿאַר יעדער ערקראַפט," האט אַבערבוס געזאגט.

די A220 האט עטלעכע 537 פעסט אָרדערס פון 19 קאַסטאַמערז, אַרייַנגערעכנט דעלטאַ לופט לינעס, JetBlue און Moxy, לויט די לעצט דאַטע שטאַט פון די פירמע. אַז כולל 135 אָרדערס געשטעלט דורך יו. There. אַירלינעס זינט אַירבוס געכאפט די געוויקסן זעקס חדשים צוריק, אַ אַקאַונט אַז איז ערשטער מודיע אין אקטאבער 2017.

די פּרויעקט וועט אויך באַקומען יו. There. $ 16,000,000 אין די פאָרעם פון ינסיניווז פון די היגע, רעגיאָנאַל און שטאַט גאַווערמאַנץ, אַירבוס האט געזאגט.

מער ביזנעס נייַעס

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