House explosion rocks North-Central Edmonton neighborhood

Fire investigators stay on stage in north-central Edmonton after a house explosion and resulting fire racked the neighborhood of Westwood before dinner Monday.

Emergency Cruz responded to an explosion about 11:40 AM, District Fire Chief Temulak said at the scene of the 120th Avenue and 102th Street.

"They reported that there were doors left, windows blown in, flames of the front and side, so immediately we had a defensive attack since it was pretty much involved when we arrived," said Famulak. Five units respond as well as police and emergency medical services.

Famulac confirmed an explosion caused to the fire and resulted in the front door being knocked off, but the cause remains unknown.

Next-door neighbor Hope Robinson-Smake put her in her kitchen when she heard a huge blow and the explosion shook her home.

"It sounded like someone or plowed in the house or something fell through the ceiling," she said. "The entire front door frame has blown away from home pretty much."

She said that the booming noise was unlike what she had heard earlier, but the fire was under control quickly when fire rescue services arrived.

Fire Craps worked to control the flames and plums of smoke is still building out of what is left of the roof of the home Monday afternoon, with the main floor of the home gutted. The fire was under control around 1pm, Famulak said, with plans to shoot the scene over to fire investigators to determine the cause and damages once it was fully extinguished.

"There is only little damage to the neighboring places, no extension of any fires," he said.

No occupants were found in or around the home when Emergency Cruises arrived at the scene and the occupy's occupations were unknown, Fawulak said.

Robinson-SMIC said a man lived in the house alone, but she did not see him on Monday before the explosion.

Relatives of the man who lived in the home arrived in shock to see the house in flames and were relieved to hear he was not inside.

Edmonton Police were at the scene conveying nearby homes, as many neighbors in the area came out of the firefighters, trampling the flames.

"Anytime it's an explosion, EPS are always going to be informed," FAMULAC said.

An update on the cause of the fire is expected when the investigation is complete, with no set timeline.

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