Hong Kong reports that the case of African swine fever


Hong Kong – A case of African Swine fever was detected in a Hong Kong slaughterhouse, prompting the cooling of all 6,000 pigs at the facility.

Secretary for Food and Health Sofia Chan said in a statement Friday that the incurable virus was found in a single pig imported from a farm in Guangdong province of China, where the Montlong outbreak was devastated.

Pork is China's staple meat and its price and availability is considered a matter of national concern. Supply shortages have increased demand for pig producers in the US. The United States, with whom China is increasingly battling an increasingly military battle.

Chan said the cooling was necessary so that "thorough cleansing and disinfection could be carried out." Sheeung Shui slaughterhouse operations will be suspended until the disinfection work is completed, she said.

"We will enhance the surveillance and also test for pigs, and currently we collect samples of pigs with ASF testing symptoms, and in the future we will be sampling other pigs for testing," Chan said.

She said that the recent pork territory will reduce near future, but there will still be a limited supply of live pigs available from another slaughterhouse.

Not like swine flu, African wisdom fever can not be transmitted to humans, and Chan said that the well-cooked pig is safe for consumption.

Concerned about the spread of Africa swine fever to the United States. There. Recently, organizers led to cancel the World Pork Expo scheduled for June in the state of Iowa.

Danmark, in addition, has launched a 43.4-mile Fens along the German border to hold wild boars in an attempt to prevent the spread of African Swine hiver, which could reach the vertical pork industry.

Russia has also faced difficulties with African swine hi-tech and some have speculated that the Chinese outbreak may have come between pigs of the country.

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