Heated Exchange Like Martin Takes The Stand at Muskat Falls Inquiry


The first CEO of Nalcor says it was "critical" that he had a core management team that could hit the ground running.

Ed Martin took the stand in the Muscat's fall tomorrow, defining his choices for the heart management team for the Muscat Falls Project.

Commission Co-Chain Commission O'Brien announces Martin on how the core management team of Gilbert Bennett, Paul Harrington, Ron Power, Lance Clarke and Jason King were elected.

All are hand-picked by Martin without a competitive hiring process, and none of the core management team has had previous experience in Hydro Mega projects.

Martin defended his intelligence for picking the lead management team.

He says he has experience with Paul Harrington, and he personally selects him to come and help them get off the ground. He tells the Inquiry it's important to recruit people with whom you have a relationship, know how they work, have the background, and who can "hit the ground running."

He was frustrated at times on the stand this morning, prompting Commissioner Leblanc to interact. Co-attorney chain O'Brun was invited to Martin on the communications protocol when it came to things that would affect the business of Nalcor or the interests of the shareholder.

Martin began to walk over the process with the Board, but the Commissioner Martyn decided to answer the question directly in hand, indicating it would be time to go through the process in detail. Martin replied, "Let's go another way, I'll come in another way that way is not working for you guys."

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