Has Joker made his Arrowverse debut in Elseworlds?

"ElseworldsIn addition to the thirteen Green Arrows, Flash and Supergirl, you also have Superman, Lois Lane, Kent Farm, Superman's Black Dress, the fast-paced 90th Anniversary of John Wesley Shipp, Gotham City, Monitor … and, perhaps, Prince of Clowns with Crime.

In the latest Batwoman-centric promotion for the three-night event, one exciting shot sees more crazy criminals doing what they do best – overcoming from Arkham Asylum. At the forefront of the pack? Someone with what looks like bright green hair and pink dresses. Only to finish the picture is a kooky clip on the scene. Yes, it's obviously what an impression is trying to do here: this is Joker, people.

Interestingly, we have already discussed this option when Stephen Amell joked on Twitter that the director told him that the laughter was "less hysterical" during one crossroads scene. Although we are very confident that this player is in the picture below, it seems that his tweet at his end put him on the right path.

So, although this is almost certainly a Joker in this scene from the promotion, we do not expect Batsy's nemesis to appear second in "Elseworlds". If even Gotham can not properly present Joker, then we doubt that Arrowverse will get it from Warner Bros. to use it, especially if they are booked with a Joker movie. Still, even if this is the total involvement of trouble in the crossover, it's cool enough.

Back when Harley Quinn came in Arrow Season 2, the deleted scene, we never thought that we would have a similar moment with the Joker in this universe. Whatever, the Bat family of Bat, like Batwoman, will get his own series of sporoffs.

First, she will make her first debut when she will "Elseworlds"It will start next week on Sunday, December 9th.

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