First women's balloon d & # 39; A winner asked if she knows how to & # 39; twerm & # 39; In ceremony

After asking the first woman to win the balloon, or if she knew how to tverm, French DJ Martin Solweig then said sorry.

Though Ada Hagerberg said she had not been convicted on the tweaking question at Monday's scheme, Solveig still apologized to Twitter after his comment caused a social media.

He tweeted, "I did not know that this could be seen as such a crime," adding: "That was a joke, probably a bad one."

A clip of the ceremony of the DJ asking the 23-year-old Norwegian if she could be tverm and responding "Non" in French quickly raised millions of views.

Hagerberg has solved also apologized to you personally, even though "I was not upset."

She cheerfully said, "I got to dance a bit and I got the balloon d 'or."

The incident brought back memories of when Eugenie Bouchard was asked to swear during an open court interview at the 2015 Australian Open. Inconvenient Canadian calls are unexpected? 1:57

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