Firefighters' Burn Fund provides $ 2m to HSK stem cell research

The Firefighters Burning Fund has launched a $ 2,000,000 endowment to the Health Sciences Center Foundation for Stem Seller Research.

"When we first started, patients with a 50% body surface burning were not given a lot of survival. Today, patients can survive even if they have a 90% surface burn. , "Said Bernard Horse's chairman Martin in a report. "We are excited to see what the doctors in HSK can learn next, and we hope that our talent will have a significant impact."

As an endowment, the $ 2m will be invested and the annual income will be directed to the HSK Foundation.

The gift will give HSC to hire a dedicated researcher, and obtain supplies and specialized equipment to provide the cleaning of a patient's own stem cells of their own fat.

The stem cells will increase in HPS labs and their interactions with skin grafts, scars, and wound healing will open vast opportunities for dramatic improvements in burning care. Never before have a patient's own stem cells been taught to improve burning care in Manitoba, said an HSK statement.

Established in 1978, the firefighter Mount Zion is a volunteer-direct registered charity supported by firefighters and communities over Manitoba.

The Burner Fund supports educational opportunities for health care providers, programs and services for burn survivors, research on enhancing burning care, and fire and burn prevention initiatives in manitoba.

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