Film Review: "Christmas Chronicles"


<p class = "platno-atom canvas text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "director Clay Kaytis"Christmas chronicle" will not convince the audience about the power of Christmas, let alone excite the spirit of the holiday season, but the boy is exhausted trying. & Nbsp; A family-friendly adventure, about two children, whose Santa Claus took care of Santa (Kurt Russell) leads to helping him save a holiday, playing as a love letter to the previous works of producer Christopher Columbus, without ever being separated. A film with its sacramental results, saturated cinema and divine platitudes is formative and forgotten, except for Russell's play as a lovely legend. "Data-reactid =" 18 "> The director Clay Kaytis" Christmas Chronicle "will not believe the audience in the power of Christmas, let alone excite the spirit of the holiday season, but the boy is exhausted trying. Family friendly adventure, about two children whose mission Christmas Eve Capture of Christmas (Kurt Russell) leads to helping save him a holiday and play as a love letter to the previous work of producer Christopher Columbus, without ever having been divorced. With his saccharine rating, saturated cinema and divine platitudes, the film is formular and forgotten, with the exception of Russell's play as a loving legend.

Christmastime once was warmth, laughter and love in the pleasant home of Pierce. But because Father Doug (Oliver Hudson) died in a tragic fire accident, mother Claire (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) tried to repair her normal condition. One of the members who is excited about the return of Santa is ten years old Kate (Darby Camp). On vacation she becomes subject to remembrance of home movies and writes the letter "Dear God" on the old video camera of the family. Her older rebel brother, Teddy (Judah Lewis), is not nearly so enthusiastic on the other. Not only does he still regret the loss of his father and socialize with the wrong crowd, he also lost the belief that there is a Santa Claus.

The world of brothers and sisters turned upside down when Kate dug out old hand-held videos that could belong to Saint Nick, who dropped gifts under her tree. Lights up a plan to get Santa on the camera for online recognition. In order to do this, she threw Teddy into her system, blackmailing her brother with footage of him and his friends who accelerated the car. Instead of waiting for Santa to come, Kate and Teddy clothed on their high tech sleds.

Their journey – along with life, quickly catches the accident, when Santa loses concentration, his amazing red velvet gift bag, and a magical hat that allows him to descend from the roof to the roof. With their injuries, they lost the items they discovered in Chicago, and the time that ended in night shows, Santa and the children, in order to save the world in order to lose the Christmas spirit. Only this is an audience that loses its spirit when developing hybrids.

Kaytis and screenwriter Matt Lieberman are creating most of the film in Chicago and transforming similar scenarios from "Adventures and Babysitting" and "Home Alone". Also, the blues-based musical number is "Santa returns to the city," Russell sang with the support group Little Steven and Disciples of Soul – which is almost as lively as "Babysitter's Blues", thanks to Russell's magnetism , charisma and innate love. The star allows acceptable shenanigans, since it plays Santa as a kind of joviial emcee with sincerity, pathos and gravity.

The story follows the predictable path and does not pass in the scenarios of the "fish from the water" that it puts it – like the irony of car car thieves or the smile of kidnapping, which the police misunderstood. This situation nonsense may have looked good on paper, but it does not work with any work or zing. In addition, we could live without a strange and worn line about the famous famous "Ho, ho, ho", "false news".

Pictures of the great action work are hollow computer-generated spectacles that do not have the necessary narrative drive for people. A child riding with sleds that jumps through the space portals at a speed of rotation is garage-shaded. Kate and Teddy's Reindeer Deer in Chicago and into the sky could also use better spraying of Hollywood magic. Santa's rascally team of elves provide slapstick and pratfalls, but are clearly a sanitized version of Columbus's "rambunctious" Gremlins. "Kate descends to the gift portal, alike like Alice is a notorious rumbling after a rabbit hole, is a unique sequence that blinding or embodying any sense of childish wonder.

While the visual effects leave the audience, the design of the production Paul Denham Austerberry and the artistic direction Kimberley Zaharko choose the procedure. Anchor dashboard is a mixture of modern and retro car instruments. The Christmas workshop looks wonderful, with a wall with a video screen that plays children's requirements and a high-end chest cabinet for writing letters to the north pole. Costume design Luis Sequeire red leather Santa, wardrobe trousers complement a modern shine with classical iconography and pose a move in which Santa is constantly revealing how the media displayed their appearance and persona.

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