Female overwhelmed by the player, Ali confirmed she was not the one playing [UPDATE]


Cloud9 striker Becca & # 39; Aspen & # 39; Rukavina climbed on the river that Ali, the overwhelming player in the center of a huge controversy this week after she left a place on a contenders team because of harassment, might not be a real person.

To make a very long story short, Elie is out of place with a new overwatch account and soon claimed the competitive ranks enough to get the attention of contenders teams.

Shortly after joining the contender team Second Wind, the player stepped down after deep scrutiny on their true identity, something some said would not have happened if Ali was not a female.

Sports Inside Wheel Slashers & # 39; Breslau wrote on Twitter that "Elijah said in private messages that she was not the one playing in the last few hours confirming."

Slasher has finished his first tweet with another featuring more in the form of screenshots between Top 500 player Punishman, who has previously stated on streams and on reddit that they are Ellie's boyfriend, and another female overwhelm player & # 39; , & # 39; That was unaware of the incident.

This was brought to light after the clip of Aspen revealing the true identity of Ali.

On the river, Aspen told its viewers that "Ali, is not Ali." Instead, she claimed the "complete situation was meant to be, in a way, a social experiment."

"Elie is actually Punisher, and he told me yesterday," Strimer tells viewers.

"Yeah, Elie is punish," Aspen repeated on the stream. "He did this as a social experiment thing, and didn't expect it to get out of hand, so that's kinda the juice around that."

It was a lot of speculation on Reddit about whether or not it was actually Punish playing like Ali, a fact they denied repeatedly.

In spite of this, some sort of explanation has yet to be made on the situation, and whether it really is a social experiment & # 39; Somehow, with nothing coming from Ali's societies since she stepped down from the second wind.

So it looks like the Saga of Ali is far from over, and if it's a & # 39; social experiment & # 39; By Punisher, he certainly ended up with some interesting results.

Not everyone was a fan of Punisher's so-called & # 39; social experiment & # 39; Although, given some of the community responses:

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