Elisa Peterson to have mri on injured leg


It's no surprise that Elias Peterson will have a mri on his injured right knee.

The Swedish Super Rookie was scared of his right leg on Thursday night in Montreal, after getting up early in the second season.

Montreal Canadians (15) Speaks Vancouver (Canada) & # 39; Elias Peterson (40) took him down in the second season.

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The Canadian press

Still laying prone to the ice in the Master Center for a few minutes, Petersen was able to skate away under his own power. He would not return.

After the game, he is spotted walking normally.

He knew to have a mri some time on Friday.

On Friday, Pettersson visited the Hockey Night in Canada studios to record an interview with Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos.

He told Kipreos that he was hurting his knee but would not know how serious the issue was until he had his mri exam.

"I'm going fine. I feel better today than yesterday, so that's okay," he said.

If, for example, he suffered an outbreak of his medial collateral ligament – and at least one sports medicine expert was supplying so on social media – he could spend a few days as long as several weeks.

More to come.

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