Edmonton Oilers have hurt Jesse Pulvieu's confidence and his game, says Finnish Sportswear


This in from Finnish Sports Writer Tommy Seppala from Yle.fiHe complained about the Edmonton Oilers' action by Jesse Puljjjarvi.

This article was freely translated by me by Finnish hockey fan Veikko Lehtonen.

Sepapala notes that Puljujarvi just got nine shifts against Vancouver as he played with no name Colby coffee and low scoring Juhhar Khaira.

Seppala said: "In December, he was confident that he would offer a great opportunity to pull out, but now the credit seems to be on the bottom again. And why not? Play from Pujjjärvi.

Puljujarvi has made it a mistake on a Vancouver goal. "I should be able to take that. Management must earn, and now I don't."

He said he couldn't blame him for his ice age.

"I haven't earned that anymore. If I don't do anything at the time, it's like this."

Seppala wrote that Puljujarvi is trying to focus on physical and defense gaming, which is of course important values ​​for the young player.

Sepala asked Puljoyuvy about the possibility of being traded.

"Yes, I've seen rumor, but I only need to go day by day. I don't think about trade," Puljjjarvi said.

Sepipala then blasted the oilers and said that Young Finn might be released by a trade. "Yes Puljjjarvi deserves criticism, but the same can be said of Edmonton oilers about the development of young players … There are no signs of self-confidence in Puljjärvi, and not just Jesse's fault, oilers should look at it. Mirror too. "

But Puljudzharvi told the reporter: "Let's look at how it goes on. It's difficult. For three years now, this was a bit like it and so .. Hard time, but can't do, you just have to fight. Hard. "

My names

  1. Puljujarvi has a great contingent of Finnish hockey fans who closely follow him and comment on his game on Twitter. Almost all of them are completely unhappy with the oils handling of Puljuzharvi, which should come as no surprise. Imagine if Canadian would react if Mitch Mariner, Nolan Patrick or Pierre-Luke Dubois has started his career on a Helsinki team at the community and hasn't succeeded not only in getting his game going, but even getting ice in many games. There should be questions, criticism and disaster with this Helsinki team for sure.
  2. Lehkonen, who has the translation, is also in the group of fans unhappy with the oilers handling Puljujarvi. He's recently tweeted: "After three years in Edmonton, it's hard to see how creative and talented he was before. He's still but I don't think Edmonton is right for him right now."
  3. Based on this article, Seppela published his opinion when he spoke to Pulumjarvi that the young player is getting a rough deal, but the player does not sound good. He is not happy that he is not ill yet, but Puljuejee said all the right things, such as having to earn his ice age and owning up to a mistake he made in the game.
  4. Oil organizer Bob Stauffer has repeatedly praised Puljujarvi's work ethics and fitness, recently talking about how Puljjarvi and Gostryi Miko cobwebs often work on the ice both before and after practice.
  5. I see a lot I like in Pudzhujarvi's game, which is exactly what oilers coach Ken Hitchcock says he sees. Before the Vancouver game, Hitchcock said of Puljujarvi: "His learning curve is sharp. He's getting better … Right now he's an effective player. Right now he is a third-line player with us for a 20-year-old." "Old is pretty significant. Overall we are happy with him. Can he get to another level as far as playing offensively? We'll see. But that's going to take time. But right now we trust him on the ice but he Is one of the best forchecking players we have. "
  6. Puljujarvi is still only 20 years old. He is a large, gangly, strapping child, growing in his body. Yes, if he scored five goals as much as he fell on the ice, he would be a star. It's going to take time to get stronger, develop its core and its base. But the size and work of ethics are there. He's got a shot and has a strong on-ice vision. He can handle the pack, although he may be nervous with him. He's not killing the oil in his own zone. Like I said earlier, patience is needed here. Yes, patience – and that goes for both fans of Edmonton Oilers and Puljegarvi's fellow Finnish fans.

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