Durant: Does not really make sense? For Cavi to Connect LeBron

While Cavhi LeonardThe future remains a mystery past this season, Golden State Warriors ahead Kevi Durant Do not expect the Toronto Raptors Star to team up with LeBron James On the Los Angeles Lakers.

Durant, who as Leonard will be a free agent in 2019, Tells Bleacher Report He does not believe players who can control the set of games want to be with James.

"It depends on what kind of player you are," said Durant. "If you're Kyle Korver, Then it makes sense. Because Kyle Korver In Atlanta was the scope of the offense, and he was not the first option at all, not even close. So his talent is more of a guy who can pass and penetrate and get him open.

"If you're a younger player like a Cavi, try to get him with it LeBron James Does not really make sense. Kawhi enjoys the ball in his hands, controlling the offense, dictating the rate with his post-ups; It's like he plays the game. A lot of young players are developing that skill. They do not need another guy. "

Phoenix SNS veteran Trevor Ariza Detected with Durant's assessment and pointing to Paul George Re-signing with the Oklahoma Thunder Thunder this past off-season as proof.

"If I were a free agent, I would have to consider everything," Ariza said. "But my role is different from PG and Cavi. They ask them to do different things as they ask me. [LeBron], What would they want to play with someone who does all the same things? I can see what they want to play a bit different. "

Leonard said he did not see James as a staff member for his career, showing the San Antonio Spurs Championship in 2014.

"What else do I have to prove?" Leonard inquired. "He hit me in the finals, we came back and hit him."

When asked if he had nothing to prove, Leonard added, "Just when we do it, try to win this game."

Durant adds that he believes recent stars that have joined Lebanon, with the Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers, have been forced to change their playing style to adjust.

"Kevin Love, He has to totally change his game, to be a shooter, "said Durant." That, I think, he gained more credit for switching his game. [Chris] Bosch, same way. LeBron is a player that needs to play with guys who already know how to play this game – and shooters. Like young players who are still developing, it's always going to be hard, because he demanded the ball so much, he demanded control of the offense and he creates for each. "

Finally, the two-time NBA champion has the media circle that goes around James would be enough to stop him from teasing up with the four-time MVP.

"So much hype comes from being around Lebanon from other people," Durant said. "He has so many fancies in the media, even though the hit writers are just fond of it. As we play in basketball, it's not even about basketball at some points in that environment because it is toxic.

"Especially when the attention is bull [expletive] Attention, flush. It's not LeBron's fault at all; It's just the fact that you have so many groups in the media that love to hang on every word. Just get out of the way and let's play basketball. "

Raptors guard Kyle Lowry Has there a pros and cons to play with the starters, noting that the focus will always be on James.

"It's the LeBron effect," Lori said. "He puts a lot of pressure on you, but he takes a lot of pressure away from you, you know what you get. He's earning that, but he is human.

"If you're a strong enough person, you can handle it."

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