Drake is now enjoying a much-deserved time off after performing on a nightly basis for his Aberi & The Three MiGos tour. The superstar has shared a few photos and videos of his vacation, showing beautiful views and a great new test. The same tattoo was on display when he placed a siren in the mirror, proven that even the most successful musician in the game right now may still be a barbecue.

His face is Sandburnt and his stomach is dripping like Drake's legs in the mirror for a quick up. The singer was clearly spending a lot of his time in the sun before he was presumably head in the studio for post-Scorpion sessions. Drizzie has already confirmed he will be working with Keith in the coming months.

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

The rapper's massive oval ink on his chest is a bit more visible in the shot, which was initially posted on his story. Even someone who racked up 7 billion Spotify streams over the course of the year can benefit from a thirsty trap here and there. We are sure of women sliding in the DMS after he sent this out.

Hopefully Drake is soaking in as much inspiration as possible during his vacation because we are all expecting a lot of his next project.