Does Ultima Thule Have Moons? Scientists want to know – BGR


NASA's New Horizons spacecraft spends the peculiar asteroid known as Ultima Thule on New Year's Day, and it has collected an incredible amount of data. In its first transmission to Earth, New Horizons told its dealers that it had filled its on-board data storage.

Now, like NASA prepares to send the spacecraft back Every bit of information gathered in its encounter, scientists are eager to answer one question in particular: Does ultima Thu have their moons?

Like Reports, astronomers have built models suggesting Ultra Thu Le rotated much faster, for a long time, completing one full spin as fast as every three hours. Today it takes around 15 hours to complete a rotation, but what is that?

It is possible that researchers believe that small moons orbiting ellima thule are responsible for slowing down the larger objects in the center. By exerting a draw on the central bodies, the moons can gradually cause them to slow down, but that statement is only viable if we can prove that ultima Thu lions have their beginnings.

However, despite the fact that the Flibi itself is coming and gone, it's going to take a while for scientists to actually answer this question and many others. This is because New Horizons will continue to send the data back to storage for the next two years. The spacecraft downsizing of the Earth provides a trace of data that will take years to sift through, and researchers have to wait and hope the London puzzle response is contained.

In addition, even if the data does not reveal the presence of a moon (or some orbiting ellima thule), it does not mean that one or more moons in the past have been banned. The smaller body could have been taken long ago, with no trace of the slow-spinning central unit.

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