Does Julie Chen have a future in CBS beyond a big brother?


During the summer of 2018, Les Monses, CBS chairman and CEO, came under fire for alleged sexual misconduct. It was like a shock to his wife, Julie Chen, who was the host of two of the network's shows: The talk And Big brother. But when moons were swept away from CBS, all eyes were on Chen and you showed two points. But what does the future look like for the boss?

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Chen and Moonwes have been married since 2004

Chen and Moonws are no strangers to marry – the couple is together for almost 15 years. In fact, the couple announced their marriage only weeks after Monroe divorced his first wife, Nancy Moonves, with whom he had three adult children. Monouns and Chen have one child together, and the wedding has not always been easy. But Chen credits good communication for keeping a solid relationship between them. She said in an interview that the two barely ever fighting – they keep a good communication, and if they argue, they never make a big deal to one another.

Sexual Assault Allocations caused Chen to take some time away from & nbsp; The talk & # 39;

This is going down in 2018, when Moonwise found itself in the center of sexual misconduct allegations. Six women were accused of sexual assault, and the allegations dated back to the 1980's. It would be a major test for the couple's wedding. And when the departure of CBS is announced, Chen has to rely on some career moves. She took some time off The talk To be with her family, and soon she announced she would leave the show for good, but not before making a statement about her husband. Chen said on Twitter that he had always been a good man, and she completely supported him and stood behind him. She refers to one episode of the talk show.

Now, Chen has announced you return to Big Brother & # 39; But will still stick to her husband's side

When Chen announced she would be leaving The talk, Some took her departure from Big brother Was not too far behind. After all, it can not be awkward to work for the network your husband has to step down in such a situation. However, on November 27, Chen took Instagram to announce that she would be back to host the show's edition edition. But it does not look like her marriage with moonwalk is going somewhere at once.

Despite the return, it is still difficult to say where Chen's future lies with the network

Whether Chen will stick it after this season has yet to be determined. Fans are ecstatic to see that she would be back to host the show, as it was told by the Instagram comments on the photo. Most can vote in the show would not be the same without you. However, Chen has been signing off the last time, "I'm Julie Chen Moonwight." Goodnight, "which was the first time she ever used her wedding day on the air and was meant to convey that she would stand by her husband's side No matter what. While she was signed at another time, her husband meant to take care of her career. Whether or she will return to host the seasons, this is unclear, as she can simply test the waters to see what the dynamic is like working for CBS after her husband's departure.

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