Dich clarifies & quot; Cheat & # 39; Comments Yet Fiery Clopp Reply


Day Published: Sunday 9 December 2018 10:10

Berley manager Seon Ditch has sought to explain his comments earlier this week about Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge, Stressing he did not label the striker a "cheat".

Following the clarets # 3-1 loss on Liverpool on Wednesday, Mr. Bush's knight host, despite apparently seeing no catch, Expressed his disaster About some of the challenges there was on his players, including one by Ben Mae on Joe Gomez, who suffered a fractured leg.

Ditch on Thursday Came out fighting In Answer to Clopp, Commending his players for their tackling and saying only one challenge by much Bardsley is "questionable", while describing Mei's as "fantastic."

He also accused Sturridge of a first-half dive, saying: "It's funny, he (Klopp) did not mention Daniel Sturbridge's cheating, he never touched nothing at him, and actually got a free kick . "

Duck added: "I just can not believe Jurgen Clopp and Liverpool fans – and I do not believe they do – would be cheating in the game and sacrifice good, honest challenges."

Clip then jumped to Sturridge's defense on Friday as he said: "Daniel Sturridge is no cheat."

The thing was again after Burnsley 1-0 win over Brighton on Saturday as Desesh said: "I did not call Daniel Sturridge a mistake, I said, he is cheating.

"I do not know the boy, I do not remem- berly, I'm not convinced he is or he is not, I just said on that occasion he was cheating.

"That is what I'm going to say, because I think that needs to be clear, because I do not think that is pretty about players.

"The rest of it – at the end of the day, people still love a tackle." "It's all I'm trying to say, people still enjoy good, proper, secure tackles."

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