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UPDATE: 12:30 PM

The BC Coroners service confirms a child who died on Thursday after his left in a hot car at Burnaby was a boy.

Police say no arrests have been made.

RCMP Chief Supt. Deanen Burleigh says investigators are interviewing witnesses and are unable to release further information at this time.

UPDATE: 11:45 AM

RCPP says a toddler died after being left in a vehicle in Burnaby during a spring heat wave.

Mounties say at 5:45 pm Thursday officers responded to a report by a fun 16-month-old who was in a car at Kingsway Avenue and Inman Street.

RCPs say the toddler was transported to hospital and declared dead.

Police said first of all, information provided to officers was that the child was left unoccupied in the car for a few hours.

They say the baby's father is at the scene, and both parents are co-operating in this investigation, and no arrests have been made.

Chief Supt. Deanne Burleigh, Burnaby RCMP Officer-in-charge, says investigators are still interviewing witnesses and are not at a point where any further information can be released.

– The Canadian press

Original: 11:35 AM

A child died after being left in a hot car in Burnaby.

RCMP Set a 16-month-old child died Thursday as temperatures soared across the area, CTV News reports.

The child was rushed to hospital after finding a vehicle inside Inman's avenue, but could not be saved.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

May 10, 2019 / 11:52 | History:

Interesting bird lovers can now get a glimpse of the youngest member of one of the most endangered creatures in Canada.

A webcam was raised above the nest of a pair of northern spotted owls just days after a newly hatched chick was placed inside.

Less than 10 northern spotted owls were left in the wild in Canada, so a langley breathing program takes a captive couple, incubates and hatches it, and then transfers the chick to the parent's parents.

It is hoped that the parents will produce their own eggs during the next breeding season.

A chick, Dubbed Chick F, was put in the nest by a new bound couple on Tuesday and the webcam was turned on, revealing the female arrow, Scalula, adapted to her unexpected motherhood.

A news release from the breeding program says there are five bound pairs and 10 other birds in captivity and Chick F is one of three hatched in April with some more chicks expecting this breeding season.

"This is leading up to a record breaking year in the number of cheeks produced by this program," the report says.

All the chicks are provided by a pair of eggs, but the eggs are removed, incubated and the chick is fed for 10 days before returning, or to the original nest or to a couple in an effort to break the start. They are bonding and breathing.

The eggs are removed because they are very polite and the program does not want to risk the loss of a single chick, YVL specialist Jasmine McCully said in a recent interview.

Robotic eggs are left in their place, while the real egg is out of the nest, and when it is returned, the resume's parents are as if nothing has happened, said it.

May 10, 2019 / 11:26 | History:

Victoria Police say a caretaker is still missing from a 109-year-old heritage building five days after a tore by the former Plaza Hotel.

Police say Mike Droger is still unaccounted for and officers are continuing to make attempts to find him, and are urging anyone with information about him, including photos, to come forward.

The Victoria Fire Department says it is continuously putting out hotspots at the fire site and is working to make it safe for the agencies that need access to this place.

Fire investigators will work within the next few days to determine the origin and cause of the fire that broke out on Monday.


May 10, 2019 / 9:12 | History:

Fifteen temperature records are broken in the British Columbia Thursday – and some may fall Friday as a heat wave settler across the province.

Canada's Environment says a strong high-pressure bar is responsible for the invisible heat.

The mercury hit 29.5C in squat, breaking the old record of 26.1 set 51 years ago, while a 141-year-old record dropped into Pit Meadows as the Vancouver suburb reached 28, edging the old sign of 27.8 in 1878.

The Weather Office forecasts that the Phrase Canyon range from Litton will reach Friday 32, and a high of 28 is forecast in the northern shore of terraced and southeastern borough. The city of Creston is forecast to reach 30 on Sunday.

Environment Canada's more range forecasts show conditions are expected to be moderate and much-needed, more seasonable showers may reach the southern shore by next week.

May and June Moisture protects the basin in the dry summer months, but concern is growing because snow packs are below average, spring rains have been scanty and the wildfire danger is already too high in many areas.

May 10, 2019 / 6:40 | History:

Canada's Corrective Service says a 24-year-old inmate died at the Mottvic Institute in Abbotsford.

The service did not provide the cause of Nisold Jordan's death on Wednesday.

It says he's serving a sentence of two years and four months on drug trafficking and other offenses.

CSC states that the suicide bomber has been notified of his death, and police and committees have reported as required by the prisoner's death.

A B.C. Engineers are stripped of his permission after it was discovered a serious hacker doesn't meet the building code

In addition, British-British engineers and Geosultists, British Columbia, have been fined $ 25,000 and have to pay EHBC $ 215,000.

In its discipline decision, EGBC says Brian admitted to unprofessional conduct and acting contrary to the code of ethics, association, CTV News reports.

Brian admitted that the building, which was not identified, does not meet the 2006 B.s. Building Code for seismic and wind loads.

"The public needs to be confident that their homes are tied to the current standard, and there is a serious matter when it comes to trusting," the official command official said in a statement.

Bryon is a former partner of Brandon Markinlin's company, Brampton.

His partner, John Zickman, was out of line with Ehc last year after admitting unprofessional management of the same rule and was fined $ 10,000.

The City of Surrey says the Street Company has been brought, and the state and strata will work together to determine if there are any security issues.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

The world's tallest garden is Elf on the island of Vancouver.

"Howard" the huge gnome statue is dismantled in the Nanoose Bay, Thursday, and will be reassembled at his new home in Sanich, CTV News reports.

Workers used a crane to perform the surgery on Howard, who was a fixture along the Island Highway since 1998.

"We have to remove one arm … He's not going down the highway. He's too wide," new owner Rob Galiei told Galea Farms.

The Gnome was originally built for a family amusement park that once operated on the site which has recently been a gas station.

"He's going to be well taken care of, but it's sad to see him go," said Bradette Matevish, whose family had built Howard.

Galli Farms plans to refurbish the statue and have it back on public display.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

May 10, 2019 / 5:37 | History:

Members of a northern British Columbia first Nazi argued that they should have been consulted on an archaeological mediation plan prepared by a natural gas company on their traditional territory.

The first-generation first-generation and hereditary chief cannabis house group filed an application for judicial review in BS. Court of Justice on Tuesday.

It challenges the BI decision. Oil and Gas Commission and provincial Archeology Branch to accept a mitigation plan prepared by the coastal gas pipeline that the first nation does not involve consultations.

The plan was pointed out by the development of stone tools on February 13 at a planned site for planned planning that would transfer natural gas from northeastern France. On the coast as part of the $ 40 billion LNG Canada project.

Work was temporarily suspended while the commission investigated, and it was unused on March 8 that Archaeologists found four stone artifacts that were unlikely to be in their original location.

Coastal Gaslink says in a statement that it is limited to commenting because this matter is before the courts, but says it has a valid environmental assessment certificate and permit the commission.

"Our manner is always to keep our differences through a respective and significant dialogue. We remain focused on continuing to advance this fully approved and permitted natural gas pipeline, which is under construction and delivering jobs, opportunities and economic benefits to British columns. Indigenous communities, "it says.

The company said in its March 8 news release that it contracted an archaeologist to develop the mitigation plan in the event of discoveries that would include soil testing, visual inspections and ongoing monitoring.

It shares the design of the lawyers with these members, "they should wish to discuss mitigation," the commission said.

The site entered the Provincial Archeology Database following the discovery of the artifacts.

The commission referred to the Reginial Government, which declined to comment on the issue before the courts.

In the 17-page court petition, the first nation's members say the weather has never relinquished or surrendered their title and rights to the land and resources.

But they say they did not get a copy of the mitigation plan until it was approved and called for the plan to be cashed or set aside.

"Because of this, no attempts have been made to carry out our examinations in the Archaelogical work carried out on our territory," they say.

It says the six artifacts found are "important evidence confirming the long-standing use and occupation of people in the area."

"As such, Coastal GasLink continues to star a significant archaeological site that informs history, occupations, and potential evidence for right and title."

The company says, "Candidates have all elected the first Nazi government alongside the pipeline, but some members of the Law" and say they have no jurisdiction without the consent of His hereditary chiefs.

In January, police arrested 14 people in a blockade in the area. The bi Later, the Prosecution Service did not say enough to make criminal charges against the 14 people, but that it was charged with oscillating a police officer with a weapon against one man.


The US There. Coast Guard says dozens of passengers have been rescued from a bc. Having-watching boat off the coast of Washington state.

The beach guard says the ship operators reported on Thursday that they had been ready to land on the island of Smith on water for an unknown reason.

Spokeswoman Amanda Norcross says beach guard, some other agencies and good Samaritan responded to helping the boat with 45 people on board.

She says initially 30 passengers were placed on a Coast Guard ship, 11 others were transferred to a Canadian tour company ship, and other boats were sent to aid the remaining passengers.

Norcross says the passengers are returning to Victoria and four sick members have left behind the Eagle Wing Tursor to help with salvage operations.

The operator did not immediately respect a request for comment.

– The Canadian press

Original: 1:55 PM

A Victoria-based whale-watching ship in need is rescued by the US. There. Coast Guard.

The eagle wing tours boat, 4 ever wild began to take water on the edge of Washington State, still striking a stone-built Smith Island.

CTV News reports that there are no serious injuries and the boat has steamed on Smith Island to keep it from sinking.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Victoria is aware of this incident and is assisting as well.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

May 9, 2019 / 12:24 PM | History:

An independent report found that $ 5 billion was London by the British Columbia real estate market last year and increased the cost of buying a home by five per cent.

The report of former B.K. Deputy Attorney General Maureen Mal oney estimated that $ 7.4 billion was laundered at BS. Last year, a figure she says was conservative, adding a total of $ 47 billion to Canada.

The Reginial Government commissioned two reports last September to shed light on money laundering by organized crime in the province's expensive real estate market.

Former Deputy RCP Commissioner Peter German says in his report that the infusion of illicit money into the UK. Economy led to a frenzy of buying that raised the assessed values ​​of homes over much of Metro Vancouver.

German's report says the aggregated declared value of cash in real estate transactions over the past 20 years was $ 84 billion to $ 212 billion.

He says his report found that thousands of specific properties are risking billions at high risk for potential money.

More coming.

May 9, 2019 / 12:00 | History:

A Mizels scar has promoted a 106 per cent increase in vaccination of BS. Schoolchildren, compared to a year ago.

Health Minister Adrian Dix provided the update on a catch-up program launched April 1 after more than two dozen cases of the highly infectious disease have been diagnosed in the spring province.

Dix says the ministry sent over 550,000 children to children, kept 129 in-school clinics and dispensed over 3,800 measles vaccines.

Health authorities focused on reviewing all students' immunization records after an outbreak that began earlier this year.

The catch-up program is the first step in the government's two-phase plan to educate people about the importance of immunization and to help them become aware of their own vaccination status.

Nearly 600 more in-school clinics are planned for May and June to help prevent the disease from spreading through the air when an infected person is coughing or sneezing.

Symptoms include cough, fever, runny nose, inflamed eyes and a distinctive red rash on the face.

While it is considered a rare disease in Canada, measles is still common in other parts of the world, and some cases are related to cancer. The outbreak was imported by travelers.

The Canadian taxpayer federation launched a massive balloon outside the BC. Legislature on Wednesday to protest the UBC Monopoly Province.

The giant inflatable reminds the Monopoly's Rich Uncle Pennibags character.

"B.C. drivers are already paying the highest gas prices in North America, and the high-cost ICBC monopoly just increases the pain – it's time to give drivers a choice and let them save money," said CTF B.C. Director of Crisis Sims. "Our ICBC monopoly balloon is a symbol of the high-cost, no-choice, bloated, nearly insolvent insurance corporation, and we're making sure politicians get this message: if it takes a balloon man bigger and scarier than king Kong, so be it. "

The 30 foot character is smoking a cigar and lighting it with burning money.

A recent study found B.K. Drivers pay more than 60 per cent more for auto insurance than those in Alberta, and the CTF put some examples:

  • A 45-year-old Langley couple with a student driver in the family pays $ 837 more per year to ensure a 2012 Honda Accord with ICBC as a family with the same coverage in Edmonton.
  • A 46-year-old Surrey man who drives a 2014 Ford F-150 for work pays $ 659 more per year than one in Calgary.
  • A 50-year-old Victoria man pays $ 771 more to secure a Class C motorcycle in Edmonton.

The balloon will be visiting other B.C. This summer, the CTF says.

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