Chain Goselin Misses Court Day, John Gats full of Custody of 14-year-old son Colin

First Fucking Star Jon Gosselin Was an exhibition of his 14-year-old son Collin After his ex-wife Chain Goselin Did not show up for a scheduled court date in their custody battle.

Chain, 43, requested on Monday (3 December) for the Tuesday court date to be postponed, but his request was denied.

Jon, 41, searched customers Collin After he began looking for inpatient treatment for natural affairs.

"Jon Won sole polish and sole legal custodian Collin, "A source tells Us weekly. "All other issues are moved to a future site."

When Jon And Chain Back in 2009, she was given full legal custody of her eight children. The last time we posted about the family back in November 2016, Jon Did he not know where Collin He was also considering taking legal action against him Chain.

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