CDC warns against eating raw cookie dough | Do not miss this


(CNN) – The CDC wants you to say "no" to raw cookie dough.

This holiday season, you can find yourself hopping up a package of delicious cookies in the kitchen.

But you may want to think twice before reaching for a taste of raw dough.

The CDC uses the holiday season to remind all the bakers there to eat or tasting unwanted products can make you sick.

Flour and raw eggs can contain bacteria and salmonella.

In 2016, an infection of E. coli infections linked to raw flour made 63 people sick.

"People should not be aware that flour is not treated to destroy bacteria and there has been an outbreak of a certain type of E. coli linked to the ingestion of raw dough," said Ellerin, director of Infectious Diseases in South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts .

As much as you can quickly taste, it is better for your health to wait until the treats are completely cooked.

The CDC has a full list of safe food handling practices on its website.

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