Carmen Sandyego Turns Hero into First Trailer for Netflix Show


Carmen's back, and up to … well, some good. Sort of.
GIF: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)

Over the years of games and shows, Carmen Sandyego has some origins-primary detective absent rogue, criminal mastermind, chaos agent, you name it. But her new Netflix show is giving you another … One that's turning you into a little more of a Robin-Hood-esque figure.

Netflix just dropped the first trailer for its animated reboot (by Mashable), starring Gina Rodriguez as the titular gentleman thief (Rodriguez will play Carmen in a live-action movie for streaming service, too). However, as much as we ask the question we all want to ask, where in the world is Carmen Sandyego, naturally – it also asks another. Who In the world is she?

This time around, the answer to what is slightly different. We get Carmen's young days training as a master thief as an agent of WL. But now, instead of having a grudge against the villains as she steals her way out of trouble, Carmen is going to be a hero who leaves WL. And uses her thieving skills to protect the treasures of the world of his shady hands along with Player (voiced by Stranger Things& # 39; Finn Wolfard). Although we have been taking care of the kinsmen who have taken a more noble heart to her thieves in the past, turning her into a full-fledged dashing rogue is a fine twist.

Carmen Sandyego Is set to jump Netflix January 18th.

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