Call of Duty: Black Ops 4s Black Market bonuses will soon be easier to unlock


When the trip first launched Black Ops 4s Black market, the system that unlocks rewards based on in-game XP earned while playing, it's more than a bit confusing. There are 200 precious worth of unlocks to win and each tier takes quite a bit of omen to unlock. Thankfully, the developer has heard players complain, and is going to address them with the game & # 39; First of all, Operation Absolute Zero.

The most noticeable change to the black market system in the new update is that it will have only 100 tires of unlocks instead of 200. While everyone likes to unlock items, 200 different teers were a bit too much and left most players feeling as they Never came to reach the final reward. Players will also be able to see all the rewards available through the Black Market, so they can see each and every reward they'll get for 100 tires.

If you find yourself in the recent season of the recent year's bad boyhood and disappointed about the lower number in the new season, do not worry, getting rises, a random receipt box, on all the teers over 100.

The new Black Market will also come with Zero, the game's newest operator, as its first unlock. Zero specializes in tech and can use you hacking abilities to distract enemies. The Black Market will also feature three new weapons – the Daemon 3XB SMG, the SWAT RFT Assault Gun and the Secret Santa Milde Weapon – along with a variety of new camos and other cosmic unlocks.

The pass also brings in a major quality-of-life update for zombie players, as it will now offer free daily upgrades. If you play a 15-round match of zombies, you will get an instant beer upgrade, some players will be able to repeat once a day. Both blackout and the regular multiplayer both offered this for the last black market upgrade, but this is the first time that will be available for the zombie mode.

The new operation, Absolute Zero content, including the new operator, Blackout Update and Black Market rewards, will be available on PS4 on December 11, and will come to other platforms later this month.

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