Burnaby South Liberal Candidate talks about her racial comments about Ndp guides


Liberal candidate Karen Wang has abandoned the Burnaby South Foundation race over comments she posted on social media about the Ndp leader and candidate Jagemet Sing.

In a posthumous post reported by StarMetro Vancouver, Wang wrote that as the only Chinese candidate, she could beat Jagmeet's singing, which she noticed was "Indian descent". Singh was born in Scarborough, Ont., To parents who immigrated to Canada from Punjab State in India.

"Last online comments from Karen Wang have not been aligned with the values ​​of the Liberal Party of Canada," a party statement said.

"The Liberal Party has a clear endpoint to consider policy and support for Canadian diversity, and the same is always aroused by our candidates."

In a statement, Wang apologized to Singh and said her choice of words in the social media post was not considered.

"In trying to talk about my own history and importance of people of all different backgrounds, getting involved in this important examination I made comments online, which also referenced Jagmeet's cultural background."

NDP Guide Jammeet Sing, left, put a sign on Paul Paulellet's lawn sponsor for his re-launch campaign in Burnaby, California, on Saturday. (Darryl Dick / Canadian Press)

Political commentator Shati's chapel from the Angus Reed Institute has little option but to resign, because her comments are contrary to the Liberal Party brand.

"In Canada in 2019 – especially in a very ethnically diverse riding – the comments are just dive," she said.

"There is a little guy jagmeet singing, but perhaps not the end of the world in terms of the long game for the Liberal Party".

In response to Wang's resignation, Singer told CBC: "I want to understand everyone, whether their background is Korean, Sri Lankan, Chinese, European, Japanese, South Asian, Vietnamese, African or Indigenous – anyone who Calling Burnaby south of their home. "

The Liberal Party is currently nominating a new candidate for the Burnaby South byelection until the deadline of 4 February. The Constitution Party also allows the leaders to appoint someone.

Prime Minister Justin Trudua announced in January 9 that bailouts for the "Riches of the Simcoe" in Ontario, Outremont in Quebec and Burnaby in the Bc. Will be held on February 25th.

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