Biggest misunderstanding: mother tells what she left her placenta, forces in the park


The mother who left a blasced placenta, an umbilical cord, and forcesps in a Mississauga, dress. Park, which introduced a massive police search, called the incident a "misunderstanding" and says that it simply returns its birth to nature.

On Monday afternoon, a passenger walking his dog found evidence of a clear birth at Sugar Maple Woods Park. From the doctor for the safety of the mother and her baby, Peel Regional Police conducted a large-scale search of the area and released a report to the publicly appealing for information about the case.

The next morning, Natasha Gupta received a call from her mother who told her: "I think your placenta is over the news."

The 27-year-old mother said CP24 she brought birth to her daughter in a home in Brampton, dress. Over a year ago. She kept it from birth, including placental and medical instruments, and stored them in a bag in her freezer.

After her daughter recently turned a year old, Gupta said that it was time to do something with the aftershops.

"I wanted to do something really natural with him," she explains. "I did not just want to throw it in the garbage and not, the compost bin is not a better choice." I really wanted to do something really beautiful and clear and just put something natural back in nature. "

On Friday evening, Dust Gupta, she grabbed the tupperware container with her after birth from the freezer and went to a nearby park.

"I went to the forest by myself and found a good place, you know, did not find it, and I had it in Tupperware and dumped it out somewhere secluded and packed up my plastic and thought out what it was, "She said.

The Gupta said she was scarcely forgot about her until she received her mother's call on Tuesday morning.

"I was like my God," She said from her initial reaction.

In the request of her friends and family, the Gupta called her police to let them know that the placenta was deer and she and her baby were fine. She realized that there were people out there who probably really worried about her and her baby so she decided she should call the police.

Following her telephone conversation with the officer, the Gupta she went to the police station to explain the camera that she had wiped off after birth and provided them with a DNA sample. She said that you could eventually return and do what she wants with her.

The Gupta called the whole experience "Surreal" and she never imagined that something so private would be so public.

"It was just like the biggest misunderstanding of my life," she said.

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