Bigg Boss 12 Evicted Contestant Mega Doth: Deepak Thakur is a disgusting guy


Mega Big Boss 12
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"I'm too shocked and upset, I can not say that the fact is that I'm out," said a wisely upset Mega Dhade after her eviction from Biggs Boss12.

Mega exit the show along with Jasleen Matharu in a double eviction blow on Saturday's episode. In an exclusive conversation with, the actor shared her disappointment, "I'm having a good run at Big Boss." I'm sure the audience also believed that I'm going to be in the final, there are people like Roith Satatzi and Dipak thacur still in the house, while we and Jasleen went out. It's really sad. "

Mega is nominated by Bigg Boss as a penalty over her aggressive behavior to dive. Call it an unpleasant move, she said, "Dipak should have been punished too." While I was fine with being nominated, carrying it forward to another week is really unfair, and I am afraid that someone like unruly as Defaul is still in the show While I'm out of the question, I can not believe people are voting for him, it's astonishing that they support him, and I can not sleep at night thinking about him. "

Clarifying the incident that led to her punishment, Mega said, "I want to clarify that I never flung the shoe into the dirt, I did it on the floor that bounced and hit Jaslin, I did not even sprinkle on him, but he He told me that there was such a big issue that I was punished, people had to see my reactions, but no one realized what led me to go so far.I was a disgusting man and no Respect for any woman in this house. "

She said, "Yes, I feel I should not have lost my calmness, I'm a very fun-loving man and not at all hyper." Even in Biggs Boss Marati, the whole house was against me but I stayed strong. How long do you take the abuses and tarnishes, and when someone speaks ill about your character and you have to take a stand while my reactions are aggressive, dick up to me. "

Being the winner of Big Boss Marathi just helped Mega in her journey but she shared both shows having a great charm. What was the biggest difference between Bigg Boss 12 and the Maritime period, the actor executed, "The men! In the Bigg Boss Marathi, most of us came from the same industry.We knew each other's struggle and This is the case with the people who made fun of our struggle and achievements: they used the word Celeb as an abuse or insulting.Sreesanth has represented India, and I have a show, but they have fun They used it to challenge us, which is really sad. "

"They never respected us, although they are in the show to be celebrating themselves, and they are lucky to get such an opportunity at the beginning of their career." We have to jump for years to be on the show. With those losers, tonight, I managed to find good friends in Sree, Dipika and Jasleen, "she added.

Mega has entered the show in the middle of the season as a wild card contestant. She shared that position in her post, tasks became much more enjoyable for the audience. "I really enjoy doing all the tasks, and I'm glad I received so much appreciation for being a fighter, I wish I was on the first day's show," she said.

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