Battalion wins 4-3 in OT


Daniel Walker from the North Bay battalion occupies the position of golfer Stephen Dhillon from ice races in Niagara in his game in the Hockey League of Ontario on Friday night at St. Catharinesu when Bradey Johnson tries to help defending himself. Teams complete the series at home and at home at 7am. Saturday in the memorial gardens.
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ST. CATHARINES, ONT. – Adam McMaster got overtime at 3:44, that he beat North Bay battalion 4-3 on Friday night after the Niagara Ice Race against the resistance of home and home to the Hockey League Ontario.

Daniel Walker had one goal, and one assistant, Patrick Brown and Simon Rose also reached the North Bay, which in three games won the winning records for the first time at 9-8-1 for 19 points, tied for fourth place in the Central Division with Barrie Colts, who lost 4-3 against the visiting Guelph Storm. Goaltender Christian Propp was faced with 39 goals.

Philip Tomasino and Bradey Johnson contributed one goal and one help for Niagara, who got a second hit from Matthew Philip. Goaltender Stephen Dhillon met 39 shots before 5,148 in the Meridian Center.

Niagara is 10-5-3 for 23 points, first in Division, one point ahead of Mississauga Steelheads and Sudbury Wolves.

IceDogs had the best chance of early overtime, but Johnson could not finish three times on one, and after Propp lost Ivan Lodnia in the near future, McMaster jumped into a high slot in the attack zone, waiting for Johnathon Schaefer to tie and beat Dhillon on the side of the gloves . Brad Chenier earned a helping hand at McMaster's seventh goal of the season.

The battalion came out of the fast first period with 0: 0 after Brown linked at 2.30. Justin Brazeau took two advocates and pushed him to Browne, who was located in Dhillon city itself, to gain an advantage on the side of the stick. The goal, which was also helped by Harrison Caines, was Brown's first 6-3 victory in Niagara on December 15th.

Propp's biggest savings in the box came in 15 minutes when he stretched out to refuse the hole in Lodney. In six minutes, Propp left the bench for Ben Jones and lost Elija Roberts, Jake Uberti and Andrew Bruder.

Tomasino tied it to 1:13 of the second period when he stumbled on a soft stick between the circles and defeated Propp Propp to the side of the glove.

Rose put the battalion in front at 5:18, shot in open grid from the deep left circle, when the overwhelming Dhillon came too late. Brazeau and Walker helped with the first defensive champion of the defense column Rose.

Philip responded to the power of the game at 9:31, turned backhander for Propp from the right edge of the ridge before Walker renewed the North Bay leadership at 12:48, took the split pass from Luke Moncad on the left wing and shooting a low bracelet under Dillon's glove. Theo Calvas contributed to Walker's fourth goal.

Johnson tied 3-3 at 14:41, hit home rebound from scrum for his fifth goal.

Brazeau had a great chance to return the soldiers back in the 18th minute but hit the crossbar on the pass.

Both teams had the chance in the third without points. Propp was busy early when North Bay destroyed a two-month deficit of 1:25. Kyen Sopa could not make it into the open grid with Tomasino's feed during the 10th minute, while Propp blocked a left-wing drive from Roberts. Tomasino also missed the front 15 minutes. Dhillon pushed Brandon Coe, found a Rose ride from a blue line through traffic and jeopardized the options for Moncado and Walker.

Battalion is visiting Niagara at 7am. On Saturday, she completes a series of homes and homes when military veterans in honor of military veterans on a memorial evening on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

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