B.C. & # 39; Adventure & # 39; Traveler on detention in Syria, missing for more than one month


A British Columbia man who went to Syria's search for an adventure was rife in the war-ravaged country, and Canada's foreign ministry says there's little it can do to help him.

Nanaimo's mother, B.K., said he didn't spend more than a month and was prying for help getting him home.

Andrea Leclair told the Canadian press that her 44-year-old son, Christian Leyster, backed her daily because she was worried after arriving in Syria on November 26, but he was silent after his last announcement on December 1.

Asked about Bakster, Global Affairs Canada confirmed it was aware of a Canadian who was refused in Syria.

But the department did not provide any other details and would not confirm its identity, citing privacy.

Travel warning since 2011

The government is warning Canadian people to avoid traveling to Syria since 2011, following the outbreak of a civil war that has overtaken foreign powers and appeared to a multitude of millions, including a new Islamist terrorist group, leaving an estimated 500,000 people dead.

Canada remained diplomatic relations with Syria in 2012, expelling its diplomats and shutting down its embassy.

"Consular services are provided to the family and to the individual, to the limited extent possible. Being the safety situation on Earth, the Canadian Government's ability to provide conditional assistance in any part of Syria is fully Limited, "said Global Affairs spokesman Stephano Maron.

I just want him home– Andrea Leklair, the mother of Christian Lee's backs

The Global Affairs Travel Advisory warns all Canadians to avoid traveling into the country because of the ongoing war.

"Syria is not safe for personal travel," said the Department's online advisory service. "Attempting any kind of travel in this very hazardous security environment would put you at a huge risk. Criminals, terrorists, and armed groups aim foreigners for terrorist attacks, assassination and kidnapping for ransom or political gain."

The adviser says the country is plagued by fighting that involves small arms, tanks, artillery, aircraft fires and chemical weapons.

A world traveler and adventurer

During their last video chat, Lexir introduced the blockbuster to people he was visiting in a village near the country's border with Lebanon.

"Christian is a world traveler, he was all over the place, he's an adventurer," Lee said.

"He introduced me to all the people, he says," they're so nice men, everywhere I go feeding them and giving me tea and coffee. "He's just a really nice time."

Lecker said he was frustrated by the lack of information that she could get about BAC. Global Affairs Canada initially told you it couldn't do anything because there was no functioning Canadian Embassy in Syria, then it was possible to work through the Romanian embassy, ​​she said.

Backster was supposed to be home December 13 and his travel visa to Syria expired on December 12 or 13, she said.

"It is so complicated because we just do not know anything," LeeLair said. "I just want him home."

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