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Australian Skipper Tim Pain Seemed He Still Had a Sense of Humor Despite a grueling day in the field Friday, attend a journalist's telephone during a live press conference.

The Wicketkeeper may have forgiven for wanting to get out of this place as fast as possible after 167 overs behind the stamps against India in the fourth Test in Sydney.

But when on the phone in front of him, he picked it up and had conversations with the reporter's editor in the other end, leaving the media pack in stitches.

"Tim Pain speaks," he said. "Who is it, sorry? It's Katie in Hong Kong. Who are you still?" He went on.

"Ah, Martin, he is in the middle of a press conference at this moment. Can I get him to call you back?"

"No, I'll tell him to check his emails. Thanks Katie, hemorrhagic." Second Test in Perth to Maury Vijay on Indian Captain Virat Kohli.

"I know he is your captain but you can't really like him as a block," he said. And in the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne, he suggested a young Indian wickercraft, Rishabh Pant, could babysit him and his wife.

"Fancy that, Pantsi? Extend your little Aussie holiday. Can you babysit? I'll take the woman to the movies one night and you'll look after the kids." Despite the light-hearted press conference, Paine knows he has a mountain to climb on Saturday with India compiling a massive 622 for seven declared in Sydney.

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