Aston Matthews wins play for Maple Leafs at 4-3th victory over competitor Sabers

If this game is a taste of what is coming between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabers, I'm so here for it. The Leafs and Sabers' Map went to Kyivbank Center on Tuesday night and had both their home fans a night they would not forget. A slow build in the first time, turned into multiple lead changes in the second and third before Aston Matthews finally ended the contest with 2.7 seconds left in transition, giving the leaps a 4-3 victory over their Atlantic Division rivals. I think it's safe to call them now.

Not only did Mathius score the game winner, but he has two goals, one assists, and five points in the win. On the other hand, his counterpart Jack Eichel put together a two-goal, non-assisted, eight-shot performance, the four combined goals between the 2015 and 2016 top picks or tied the game or given their team the lead in key moments.

The supporting game for this game was as good as possible. Jake Gardner put together a goal and assist in 24:48 minutes of ice time, just Morgan Rielly (25:50) skated for more on the leaps. While on the other side, Rasmus Ristolainen had four shots – I mean three – at 27:00 for the Sabers. He was all over the ice, and all over the players, namely Mitch Marner.

Before the game, there are a few moments that really gave us a leash and hockey fan. First, William Nylander.

Secondly, the TSN premier opening gave me goosebumps, despite Mark Hunter's best efforts to make the announcements of the marker and Matthew as awkward as possible. The film that makes alone is really impressive.

First term

The beginning of the game between the third and fifth best teams in the NHL is as you expect: high-octane. Buffalo is a fast team, but it was Toronto who got the biggest hit soon. Nasem Kadri and Andreas Jonesons combined for a great game up the wings that allowed Joonsson to have a chance to skate right through Linus's Ullmark's wrinkle and looking for an opening at the far side. The leaps would converge on an open rebound, but the pack would get cleared in the notch.

However, from the moment on, the SABERS really piled on the pressure in the leaks' zone. Over the next 10 minutes, the top-six forearms Sabers had 20 packs at Frederick Andersen's network. Freddy stopped all 13 shots on net, including a major impression on man-made-count ristolain.

Marner woke up his team late at a time with a pair of dynamic shifts. Ristolainen did not like what he saw so he climbed on the march in the middle of the offensive zone while the pack was in the corner and "legally" took the 21 year old out of the game. Not sure of a punishment is not called; It can easily be called interference, holding, or harassment. What's the difference?

Another one

The middle 10 minutes of the time was a bad wreck for the maple leaps, the Sabers went up by 11-shot attempts at one point in the first time. Fortunately, a late push brought the leaps back to only a three-shot attack. At the end of the season, the leaks were behind fallen attempts (18-21), shots (7-14), but were in scoring chances (10-8).

Second Period

There was a tight start of the second time for both teams, the TSN broadcast had to come back to tell stories of the references and lines on the ice. It was nice, but the first goal of the game was much more.


Auston scored again. You know this, he does it every play. Literally. With the second-time goal, Aston has 14 goals in 14 games this season. Usually, we see him snapping a distance from a distance, this is his bread and butter, but this time he caught a runaway horse back with his glove and finished off a lightning whip quickly on Ulmmark to give the leaks the first lead of the game.

It was over 30 minutes for a punishment to be called, but when the Dummy broke broken candle, it was sent to the box for interference. Buffalo's power game would get cut short, but due to the excellent hustle shown by Zach Heman. For the second game in a row, he was able to muscle the opposing defender from the pack and get off for a breakthrough. Instead of a blank-net target, Himan pulled a hooking penalty on Days Thompson. It should have been a fine shot, but I think even Fulemin would admit the four-on-four would be a better use of this advantage, incas Hyman missed the network.


The cybers will answer six minutes later when a tiny Wan posteroff from Jeff Skinner allowed former Natsen Beaulyu to get a clean look at the net of this point. Both Skinner and Sam Reinhard were in the shooting trail and finally Renhart, who got his stick on the puck to deflect it past Freddy Andersen. Lintholm and Ron Heinesi were supposedly covering Skinner and Reinhart, but they did not take their men out of the way.


Once again, Hyman has a great job pushing the puck out of the defensive zone and making the offensive rush with the marker. John Tawares was not far behind his lines. He took an amazing ride from the net to the front of the net, but could not score. Instead, Tawares sent an even better non-looking backhand to pass to Gardner for an easy ending. Love the Celly from Henry's Daddy.

After two

The second time was statistically even between leafy and saber. In 5-on-5, the shot-attempts (17-17) and scoring chances (9-9) were tied, but the sabers engaged in the leash in scoring on target (9-10).

Third period


The fourth line hit the saber first line and the inevitable event. The leaps are on their heels for the whole shift, getting just peppered in shots. Eventually, Eichel got a cross-ice ride from Ristolain and pounced home the one-timer. I must admit, gardens have missed his person, but the net pass that is so open is also an issue. No one is in position on this game.


Not really, Nikita and Nazaem. Cadri has the peak off in the defensive zone to the leaks. New Boogeyman Jack Eichel, who dances Zaitsev in the slot and hit Freddy with a few more than seven minutes left in regulation.

The leaks are doing such a good job up to that point playing on the road getting shots and sooner. The Marleau-Matties-Catane Line was not so good, but the Tawares line was dancing. Tawares got a breakthrough that Ullmark stopped with frustrating Swagger. It only took one mistake to change the tide. Alas.


Take everyone I'm talking about both Marleau scored less than two minutes of water from Reilly and Mathieu!

The clock dropped to less than 30 seconds with the two sides tied and the soldier tried to go for a last rush. He skated over the blueline, cut to the middle of the ice, and ripped a … Muffin off a body in front. If only the kid has a better shot, he would be one of the most comprehensive players around the league. Anyway, transition was necessary in buffalo.

With this time

The Marine-Tawares-Relly unit hired in their own zone for their entire first shift, but they were able to get property from the pack long enough to change to Marleau and Matthew. That pair with gardens also caught up in their own zone by Evan Radrihues-Reinhart-Ristolainen, neutralizing their shift.

Thankfully, the leafy habits have been called Caspery. After just eight hours of cyber bulkheads, Kapanen stalled the pack in the offensive blooming and wound a shot to the top. Ullmcm never got a piece of it, but one moment changed the momentum of the time; The leaks have control.

4-3 im

Despite Buffalo's best attempt to drag the transition as late, Matthews and Kapanen had different plans. With less than 10 seconds left at the time, they grabbed the pack of Nikita Zaitsev at their own goal line and sped down the ice to the saber moisture. Kapanen dropped the pack at the top of the slot for Aston to make his famous J-shot up and over the Ullmark glove, finish the game and win the Kev Derby with 2.7 seconds left on the clock.

WOOOOOO !!!!!!

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