Ariana Grande 7 rings & # 39; Video


By now, Ariana Grande has firmly mastered the thrill of excitement when it comes to teasing fans in the run-up to music video drops.

Only when we would recover from the spectacular that is & # 39; & # 39; Thanks u, next & # 39; all-star Legally Blonde / Means Girls / Bring It On / 13th on 30 Tribute video, a new extra from, Neon, Diamond-full video for your latest song & # 39; 7 rings & # 39; Arrived.

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Before Christmas, the singer told Billboard This song It was about a time you headed for Tiffany (as you do) for some "retail therapy" after a "challenging" day with pals. It was about the same time that she broke her relationship with Pete Davidson – and while waiting for the jewels she "had too much champagne". This led to a "malicious" decision to buy seven engagement rings, one for you and six for you their best friends.

Now, where do we find friends?

After a very fun morning venture, she and her friends headed to the studio and wrote a song about it. One is a turn on The sound of music's & # 39;My Favorite Things & # 39; and contains bow lyrics like "I Got My Receipts, Be Lukin Like Phone Numbers" and "Write My Own Checks As I Write What I Sing" as well as this personal fav: "You like my hair? Thanks, just bought it. "

Inside the song, Ariana's closest friends in the story (do the lyrics: "Bought dean for six of my beaches"), it was only natural they appeared in the music video.

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Here's everything we know about your video in the video:

Alexa Luri

Alexa / Lexie is one of Ariana's BFFs. Her food and travel blog on Instagram, @girlwithagourmetpalate, has 122,000 followers and documents all the places she visited and the food she eats when she is there. Dream.

Alexa and Ari are childhood friends, going back 17 years. In Adorable Birthday Post to Ariana in June, you will be credited as "the strongest, hardest working person" she knows and reinforces how much she is calling her singer's best friend.

Courtney Chipolone

The American's long-term friend Courtney represented the same Florida city as her and she is a Florida State University student. The two are Bridesmaids together back in 2016 and have also got matching tattoos.

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She is often seen on Ari's Instagram stories, but has 273,000 followers of her own. & # 39; 7 rings & # 39; It's not her first time in Ariana's videos, either, she also appeared as a Mean girl In & # 39; Thank u, Next & # 39 ;.

Victoria Monet

Another close friend of Ari is Victoria Monet, a singer and songwriter herself (write Ariana's hits & # 39; my ever & # 39 ;, & # 39; Let me love you & # 39; and & # 39; thank u, next & # 39 ;.

In 2017, Ariana even invited Victoria to join her on stage at the One Love Manchester Concert, which benefited the victims and families of the Manchester Attack at the Singer Dangerous Woman Concert in town.

One loves Manchester Ariana Grande Victoria Monet

Getty ImagesKevin Mazur / One Love Manchester

As both Alexa and Courtney, Victoria also appeared in the video for "Thank You," Next & # 39; In the Bring it up And 13 Going on 30 Sections.

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Tayla Parx

Another & # 39; thank u, next & # 39; Alam is Tlaja Park who is also a singer and songwriter and really helped write and sing baking vocals on & # 39; 7 rings & # 39;

Tile has already been cured as & # 39; one to watch & # 39; By Vogue, NPR music And Paper Magazine. As well as penning multiple songs for Ariana, she has an endless list that includes Fifth Harmony, Holly, Jennifer Lopez, Maria Curry, and Alicia Keys. She is only 25, by the way.

If you're not quite impressive enough, Kayla also played in Little 2007 in the 2007 film Hairspray Along Zac Efron, John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Michelle Peffert.


Njomza also co-wrote 7 rings & # 39; And, as mentioned above, is actually the person who encouraged Ariana to write the song after their Tiffany's trip.

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Njomza also collaborated with Mak Miller, the late rapper and former partner of Ariana who died last year, and also signed for his record label.

In 2017, she tells Noisey: "I'm probably as never came here and I got him on my side … I learned a lot from him, he's definitely a mentor to me".

After his death, she paid tribute to Mac, calling him the best friend.

"I love you and I'll always love you. You were so sincere when it came to make my dreams come true," she wrote in the heartbreaking chain.


The latest friend who was gifted with a ring by Ariana is kdenense, whose real name is Kimberly Cryyuk. She is an artist and songwriter of Quince, New York who has with Ariana Colored with this track, & # 39; Thank u, Next & # 39; And & # 39; better off & # 39 ;. Here she is (to the right of Ariana) with other members of the singer's dream team:

She also worked with Kelly Rowland, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg.

Now to watch the video on repeat.

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