As the past few weeks have pointed out, DC's Aquaman Flick was poised to destroy all the figures in it, and most recently earned the distinction of being the DC Extended Universe's highest-ever, all-time movie, currently sitting on a figure. $ 887 million and counting in ticket sales around the world, beating the DSEU films Batman II Superman: Dawn of Justice And Wonderful woman.

Now, overseeing 75 percent of sales of the movie's gross, but his domestic one still sits behind the other DSEU films. Spoken by James Wan, the film was a regular favorite across the audience, especially for its stunning visual effects. Most recently, Vanepxressed his displeasure with which he had to be a snub of the academy in regard to the Oscar WFX shortlist. References to the VFX Supervisor, Kelvin Mcllwain and his team like the "Unsung Heroes of the Film," added, "The fact that your VFX peers at the Academy are not recognizing or appreciating what we / you have all contributed to the film and Cinema is a fucking disgrace. "

"I'm with you, Jacob," Mcllwain responded. It was a complete shock to all of us not being in the latest ten films that will be present at the Academy WFX back-off. The selection process is very fluid in my mind and too open to influence. "

Nevertheless, Aquaman is slated to become the first billion dollar film in the Extended Universe. Next up, DC will be looking to prove itself with April Shazam! outing.