Announced in 2013 and later Delayed indefinitely, Xbox One and PC's "Down" is Finally Coming Out

Below, the solid roguelike of Cypibara games, is finally – yes, really this time – come out. The Indie title for Xbox One and PC will launch on December 14, the studio confirmed today.

It was a very long way to deliver, as Kibibara originally announced under the back of 2013. In 2016, Cibibara delayed the game indefinitely. Talking to, Capibal Bass Nathan Vella said it was probably a message to announce below.

"We are definitely not going to advertise this early [in future]That is certain, "he said." This is the No.1 knowledge. We know more about when games are ready to be discussed. In the five year since we announced, we have studied a lot and this is a big part of our experience. "

Below is a rustic dungeon crawler where players wash ashore on a mysterious island, and the only place to go is in a cave. Then you deeper and deeper into the mysterious "below."

You can watch the launch trailer for the above. In addition, you can check out nine minutes of gameplay in the top of the page.

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