America's Got Talent Winner Terry Fator Denies Mother's Elder Abuse Accusation


Terry fat

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Terry fat, The winner of America's Got Talent For two, accusations of age have been denied abuse by his 74-year-old mother, Marie FATHER Slipper.

E! News has received a complaint against 53-year-old Ventriloquist, filed on March 16 by Marie-Marie in a court case, saying "In a final desperate attempt to free terrorist-son population, indifferent and harassment as documented in the trial, Plaintiff Marie Fattler Saints' mother-in-law praise the lot and she has a lot of parental ties and relationships with Terry Terrier.

According to the court, Marie's complaint is about her son's "actions that are detrimental to the health and health of Marie."
The documents also alert that Tarry has used "his wealth and the legal system to defile, bully, harass, harass, and intimidate, to prevent and prevent his mother from investigating the death of her daughter in the population's home," For refusing to work with his mother to solve their problems, you can see his older mother's extreme fear, humiliation, anxiety, embarrassing and financial difficulty.

These documents say that Deborah Fator Beard, Terry's sister and Marie's daughter, was found dead in Terry Fator's Las Vegas home on June 21, 2015.

"Before you died, the Defendant's son cut out his sister's life in August 2011, refusing to contact her until December 2014," the Dox state. "On December 7, 2014, the Defendant-son called Plaintiff's mother and said he thought it was time to re-establish a relationship with his sister and leave her in his life.

Deborah allegedly move in with Terry in May 2015.

"Six months after reconciling, and six weeks after independant terrier moved his sister to his Las Vegas life with him, she was found dead in her bedroom at protection's home," the documents state. "After his sister's death, Defendant-Son throws away all the Plump Mother's Pleasure to meet her and answer questions about what happened in the days before his sister's death, and in the 36 (30) hours and possibly up." 3) 3 days that she is dead in her bedroom. "

The complaint is being adopted, "Plaintiff's mother has reason to be concerned about her daughter's death."

In response to the accusations in the complaint, Terry's rep says E! News, "This is not the first time that C. has suffered with the sorts of baseless and defamatory allegations against Mr. Fator in an effort to extract undeclared financial success from him. In the face of similar conduct by Ms. Sly in the past, February 6, 2017, the District Court of Clark County Nevada was a conviction against Ms. Sligh who included a Restraining Order prohibiting her from contacting Mr. FATHER or up to 250 yards from his residence, place of business or place Employment. We had no intention of endowing Ms. Stellenbosch recently unfounded claims with no further notice.

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