Amazon Prime Video adds support for Hindi – Canindia News

Amazon Prime Video today announced in New York that it has added a user interface for users in Hindi (UI) for searching, navigation and user support.

Hindi language support will be available in Amazon Prime Video and

"Since the Prime Video Video client base is spread across India, we believe that it's important not only to provide content in local languages, but also to give customers access to the video and web application in their own language," says Gaurav Gandhi, Director and Head, Business, Amazon Prime Video India, said in a statement.

"We are very pleased that Prime Video is available in Hindi, so that our large audience has an even more appealing experience on our service," Gandhi added.

You can also watch an increasing selection of Prime Video content with descriptions and subtitles in the Hindi language.

Members who choose to switch to the Hindi language experience in Prime Video can choose the Hindi language option in the Prime Video settings menu for iOS and Android or personal computers via, and also via related devices such as smart TV , game consoles such as Xbox One and PS3.


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