Accusation against long-term mother accused in death of daughter upgraded to one-degree murder


A mother accused of dying in her daughter's last summer, had been charged with upgrading to her first-degree murder.

Carris Lewis was originally charged with a second-degree murder in the death of a seven-year-old Aaliyah rosa.

On Friday, the crown lawyer confirmed that the charge had been upgraded.

Luis is scheduled to appear at the Surrey Provincial Court on Jan. 30 for an arguing hearing.

Police found Roza dead in her home in an apartment complex near 200th Street and 68th Avenue on July 22nd.

It is not yet known how she died.

Aaiyah Rosa's father, Steve, left, and her cousin, aunt and uncle gather around a memorial tree that would have been your eighth birthday, January 15, 2019. (Rosa family)

In her memorial service last August, people remember the girl as a living, lovable kid who was safe and headstrong.

It was a very hard week for Alaiah's father. On Tuesday, the day she would have celebrated eight, her family gathered to remember her at a memorial in her honor.

"We are pleased to be informed today that Ayaliyah's accused murderer said her charges were up to the first degree.

"We want to thank IHIT and the Crown lawyer for their tireless effort in building the case."

Rosa's father and family were gathered around a memorial tree, January 15, on what would have been your eight birthday. (Rosa family)

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