VIVA SMART – the new platform VIVACOM for complete Internet services and solutions


Innovative VIVACOM solutions in the field of the Internet of Things are now integrated into a unified and brand new platform – VIVA SMART. By doing so, the company will offer "smart" services to three areas, where the company already has rich experience: smart city, data center and smart education.

"In recent years we have been working hard to offer individual smart solutions that meet the needs of our business customers and Bulgarian municipalities. But our focus in the future is to develop an internet concept of things in our country and to offer more innovative and modern services. VIVA SMART is distinguished as a separate platform of strategic importance for our company, "said Atanas Dobrev, CEO of VIVACOM.
For the first time in the world, the new platform platform was presented at a special event by Miroslav Petrov, the main salesman on Telecom. He presented three parts where VIVA SMART already works.

VIVA Smart City is an innovative platform for site editing, monitoring and analysis, offering both shared software and mobile applications for all its residents and guests. The system, known as INVIPO, has been successfully operating in many cities around the world, such as Dubai, Izmir, Dublin and others. It has 13 different modules, divided into the following vital areas for each city: mobility, environment, energy, security, management. In the field of mobility, the system enables monitoring and control of traffic, public transport, parking, bicycle rental and more. Measures are being taken to monitor the environment and water for measuring water and waste and the meteorological station. The energy sub-menu includes smart buildings, smart meters, road lighting, electric vehicles, infrastructure. Security features of the site include CCTV, Traffic Violations, Intruders and Emergency Systems. Special emphasis on citizens' satisfaction is a specific part of the government that includes public services. The INVIPO system also has a mobile end-user application with a simple interface and a variety of options to check everything that is most important to each inhabitant or site visitor.

The second direction of VIVA SMART and Smart Data Hub – a unified platform for the complete storage, transmission, processing and use of data. It combines all 11 VIVACOM data centers in the country and creates conditions for developing successful digital business for telecommunications customers and optimizing their operating costs. All centers provide a high level of security, reliability and accessibility of data. They comply with international standards for the supply of electricity, cooling, storage and internet connection for such types of items. The company provides a cloud of service and collocation of IT equipment through them.

The third element of VIVA SMART is smart education. In recent years, the company has invested in numerous initiatives for the development of Bulgarian education. In 2018 she started her biggest campaign for the digitization of the education system in Bulgaria – Education 4.0. It is carried out in conjunction with the newspaper "24 Hours", the Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia, the Sofia Regional Inspectorate for Education and the Digital National Coalition. Its goal is to change attitudes and create a framework for the digitization of Bulgarian education. It focuses on three main areas: teacher education, digital content creation and digitization of classrooms and the school environment. So far, telecommunications has built digital classrooms in more than 200 schools and more than 80 kindergartens across the country, and more than 6000 lecturers have been educated with partners. Telecommunications is planned by pilot laboratories to train teachers and pupils in 5 cities.

Other important projects VIVACOM in the field of education are VIVA History – a video platform with over 300 free lectures on digital history and patriotism created by the Bulgarian Historical Association and Viva Cognita – a platform for digital self-education in mathematics.
VIVA Tech Lab – fully equipped space for technology and business support for startup projects.
"The VIVA SMART division into a separate platform imposes VIVACOM as an innovative market leader. This initiative is about understanding the largest Bulgarian telecommunications sector in general revenue over the past five years, that connectivity, freedom and independence are the key values ​​of the modern society provided by VIVACOM with innovative technological solutions that are accessible to everyone. "Miroslav Petrov says.

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