Unique News: Bulgaria is third in the Euro2020

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The national team of Bulgaria will be placed third in the Euro2020 European Tournament, which will be held in Dublin on December 2nd.

The third grill will give the left option to meet more comfortable riders on their way to Eurobanks.

This was possible when Serbia and Scotland achieved their victories in their last league league games, which helped us. The Serbs reached 4: 1 with Lithuania, while the Scots managed to cheat Israel 3-2.

Thus, Bulgaria is officially in the third hour of the season and will flee from Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Serbia and Norway.

The first two matches will be Portugal, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first Euro2020 qualifiers will be from March 21 to March 23, 2019.

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