The team of Matthew Kazeyski and Radeo Stoicew is falling apart


The ambitious volleyball project in the Polish city of Szczecin, which was around Radostin Stoyevew And Matthew Kazyski Was before decay.

In the summer local commodity is headed by Radostin Stoyevew, Who played the role of sports director, and his first addition is his good friend Matthew Kazyski, Which is among the best players in the world in the last decade.

In this club came the star of the Polish national team, decorated with gold medals from the two-month World Cup finals – Barros Kuurek.

The club is also the Bulgarian national Nicholas Penchev.

But the intentions of the chiefs to become the best volleyball club in Europe are about to disappear.

The main cartridge is retired, which puts its existence under question.

Rumors quickly and, according to Polish media, Matthew Kazisky and Bartos Currek have been receiving tempting offers from other clubs, mostly from Italy.

Even Rustostin Stoichev has received a proposal to become a career in Italian Siena. The Italian media say that he can come in a walk with the Kazeyski, some time in the career of the two.

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