The reaction of Neshka Robeva after the decision of Iliana Raeva


The legendary Rhythmic gymnastics coach Neshka Robeeva expressed her satisfaction with the decision of the native gymnastics federation to allow Luchezara Pecova to be personally led by her into the hall of Vasyl Levsky Stadium.

According to the rules, all members of the main team of women's national team are individually prepared centrally based on Rakovsky. The Federation's Board of Directors, on the proposal of its President Iriana Raeva, has the green light to Robeeva, but by way of exception.

Winning – doubles the thrill of victory! (18+)

"Happy Atanasov Day, happy from the Atanasovs and their loved ones, to be alive and well, and soon we will remove the coasters because of the warming, as we pay for industrial electricity, we will soon offer them at the Pawnshops. Yesterday all of us reached the good news about BHG's Board of Directors decision that we are happy that everyone in the hall is happy for children, "Neshka Robeva wrote in Social Networks.

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