The church commemorates the memory of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Method


The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Cyril's memory and methidious brothers and sisters, who invented the first Slavic Old Scripture. Sacred brothers were declared patrons of Europe by Pope John Paul II.

May 11, 1851, was also celebrated as a simulation of the Bulgarian education, but the date of New Style – May 24, is the secular celebration, which was celebrated as a day of Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavic Script.

May 11 in the old style and May 24 in a new style gradually become an all-Bulgarian celebration of enlightenment. Information about the celebration of the day as a celebration of Bulgarian education has been taken in the 12th century.

In 862 or 863, Constantine-Cyril philosopher created the oldest Bulgarian alphabet – the glagolitic. An original creative work, upset by the sound of the Bulgarian speech, was adapted to the ancient Bulgarian language's phonetic pickets.

The Glagolite marks the beginning of the great enlightenment and literary work of Cyril and Methodius. The two brothers translate from Greek into an ancient Bulgarian language, some of the books most needed for the Ministry – Electoral Gospel, Chrisostom 's / Goldstone / Liturgy, Officer / Prayer, and readings for various community services / part of the mentality and trembling. This is the basis of old Bulgarian literature.

In Moravia, Cyril and Medidius went to 863, and there for three and a half years at the request of the Moravian Prince Rostislav, who wanted to create a Slavic church and thus combat Germanization. In 867, the two brothers were to defend their case before the Pope in Rome, where Cyril's brilliant Palemic gift drew Pope Adrian to officially confirm Slavic books. The Roman Church of Saint Marina is a Lithuanian language of Slavic language.

Cyril was ill and died in Rome on February 14, 869, where he was buried in the city. Clement Basilica. Methodius holds his religious and educational activities among the Western Slavs until his death on April 6, 885. The Cyril-Methodian case has been preserved and remained by their pupils – Clement, Naum, Sava, Gorazd, and Angelarius.

At the end of the 9th century, the two brothers were confronted by the sacred & # 39; church. Already at the earliest Middle Ages, May 11 was designated as a day in the memory of Slavic primary teachers because their apostolic work unites them into one and they are dignified.

Today, May 11 celebrated as a church feast of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methius, and on May 24 celebrated the simulation of the Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavic script.

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