The Camellia Lucy Dyakovska raises the nerves of Yidanka Hristova


Until recently, the star was angry with her daughter, who returned to her former hostess, Camelia, who endured her all over Bulgaria with her infidelity.

The singer repeatedly admitted that she was not ashamed of the sexual orientation of her ears, but she was angry that she had withdrawn from her ex-girlfriend, some of whom she had just used.

For some time, Iwana and Camellia regularly travel in the countryside to avoid being staring at the stars' eyes, but recently Idanda is more fond of their love.

Hrystova was detected by the retro photographers, they caught the singer in a flower shop where she had a sympathetic basket of flowers. She went to her daughter's home. Iwana greeted her on the street and hired to help her open the car door, disguised with a hat and sunglasses. She quickly took off and ran to the front door as her mother parked her car.

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