Ronaldo is also worth the Golden Ball for the year 2018


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Juventus Court Massimiliano Allaguy thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is also worth the Golden Ball for the year 2018. All react in the way to publications that Ronaldo is not on the list of players claiming the trophy for the first time since 2010.

The Portuguese wing, which has played in Juventus this summer, has five golden balls and five times finished second in 2007. Italian and French media suggest that this year on the podium with the trophy will present in front of the photographers someone from Kilian Moby é (Paris Cave Germain) and the mammals in Real (Madrid) Rafael Waran and Luca Modric. The winner will be announced on December 3 at a ceremony in Paris.

"Ronaldo feels good, he is well trained, and he was too high in the past, but for what he did last year, and not only by him, he gained the Golden Ball," said Allegri.

Allegri has refused to accept allegations that a series of injuries cause problems in the middle of the field before morning's jar (Ferrera) in series A. Sami Kedera and Emre Zhang are traveling, but that does not mainly concern algry.

"We have to play and fight with what we have." Matthew returned to training today because he needed some days of rest, with Miralone Pianic and Radrio Betancourt at the disposal of us. We are not under pressure, "explains the coach.

Allegri has confirmed that Mattia Perren will stand at the door and Ronaldo and Mario Manjukic will lead the attack of the team. Paulo Diballa seems to be a break because of his late pick by the national team, but the old lady coach is hopeful after Mexico's score.

"This is a step forward for him, he is growing up, this year he started very well, he has huge physical and mental potential," said Allegri. Juve has a 6-point lead over Napoli in the standings and did not have a defeat at this time with 11 wins and 1 pull in 12 games while their rival Jal is 15 and 13 points.

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