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Returns the distribution for young doctors, studying in state support


Young doctors who have acquired a specialty under a government contract will have to work at least 3 years in a health care institution designated by the Ministry of Health. This is reflected in the amendments to the ordinance of the acquisition of a medical specialty proclaimed in the State Gazette.

This is counter to the shortage of staff and the expulsion of young doctors abroad.

If the graduates refuse, they will have to pay a subsidy for the entire duration of the training – which is about 50 000 bun.

Each year, a list of medical establishments with a shortage of specialists will be issued. The salaries of the specialists are paid from the state budget and not from the hospitals. In general, they will receive two minimum wages and up to three for certain mayors.

The ordinance provides for those who have started their specialization under the old rules to complete their training under the conditions under which they are admitted. The general medical specialists have a choice.

According to Dr. Miroslav Angelov, who is the first year of a cardiologist and a young medical healer at the "Doctor of the Year" competition, many young doctors will endorse this state subsidy so that they cannot be "distributed" to the province. BNT reported.

"Almost 100 percent safe. Yes, this means that I can't go anywhere else to build a specialization," the young doctor added.

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