Politics From "furious and malicious" to "right" – the response of President Rumen Radev


Kornelia Ninova and Tsvetan Tsvetanov have a different reading of the heads of state.

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Kornelia Ninova and Tsvetan Tsvetanov have a different reading of the heads of state.

The address of the President, Rumena Radeva, to Bulgarian citizens, in which he found a coup by the ruling party and expressed concern for the well-being of people, today revealed various estimates of politicians.

The diary has gathered public speeches so far. What the president said here.

"Democracy is not at risk, it is in the office at risk when it is carried out" in the dark "when it is regulated exclusively by the president," deputy chairman of the ruling GERB party and chairman of its parliamentary committee group Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

"We have a stable government and parameters that give us the most developed countries in the EU." Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is already a valued factor of stability in Europe, which disturbs President Rumen Radev, "he commented and stressed that Radev's presidential campaign was the most transparent and only the president of the state was the only one who never came to parliament." is the president of the BSP, "Tsvetanov said, and during the conversation he called the head of the BSP Cornelia Ninova and Radeva" nervous, angry and malicious ".

Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva (GERB) on the Darik radio station expressed the opinion that the moment of the title was not chosen randomly – on the eve of the expected mechanism for cooperation and evaluation in Brussels. "If we do not become blacker than us, why should our partners be affected?" She cried out. As Tsachev says, the president has the right to express his stance, but he must proceed from his function as a faction of the nation, while his speech is more than the leader of the opposition.

On the contrary, the opinion is the head of BSP Cornelia Ninova. "The president is right, he said that the state is back," she told Darik. And he added: "One party, one group enslaved us." In her opinion, the president was objective because he was thinking about the role of the kind of government to enter Bulgaria in the EU, "how to reject the fact that there are lone decisions", replacing the free initiative with lobbying! "She continued with rhetorical questions. "In 1989, the change came from the top, but now it has to come from below," added BSP leader.

"Your foreign masters conscientiously use your power", said President Radev outside the parliamentary BANU. In an open letter it says: you do not have a biographies of Bulgarian Democrats. So far you are proving that you can lobby for Putin's direction and use your public events for personal political affairs. Your strategies divert Bulgaria from the practice and spirit of democracy. You do not have the legitimacy of a freedom fighter. "

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